Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cheese and the little stinker

I'm going to complain so if you only want to read about kittens and rainbows, I'd go down about 3 paragraphs or better yet just go away all together...

Anyways I went reading to find out if Oz is having nightmares and what I could do about it. Since about 6 weeks (which was WEEKS before going back to work mind you), I noticed Oz was an active sleeper. He would wiggle, kick, toss his head, laugh, cry, smile and frown. He also travels from one side of the crib to the other by the morning, as well as turn himself in a 180. He does all this without ever waking up.

After reading a bit I found that he's having night terrors which aren't always scary which is why I don't get the name. Night terrors are a state of quasi-wakefulness but not really being awake. The good news is that with nightmares the child remembers what was happening. With night terrors its like sleep walking and they don't remember. What's poopy is that in order to not prolong the night terror they recommend you not picking up and holding the child because it can create a nightmare situation and leave the child feeling trapped, restrained or constricted. Instead it was suggested you turn on the light and speak to your child, while patting or stroking their arm, leg or tummy.

My comoplaint is that he's a great sleeper until about 3am. This is when he either wakes because he's hungry or he wakes me with laughter, cooing or a squak. I wake at 5:30am to get ready for work. Since it takes me at least 30 minutes to fall back asleep you can see where my complaint is - he's got bad timing. I know its not his fault - if he's hungry he gets a midnight snack, if he's tossing and turning he gets gentle pats and comforting words. I'm just right on the edge of getting enough sleep at night to feel rested the next day. Sadly I'm just one of those people that need 8 hours of sleep to be at my best. So the 3 am wake ups are keeping me right on the edge of grumpy. There's the cheese to my WHINE.

On to the little stinker. Barb calls me today at 10:30 letting me know that Oz isn't himself today and has been crying for the last two hours. She tried it all - changing him, feeding, burping, the swing (her's doesnt make him puke), holding, rocking, checked him over to see if my hair had gotten wrapped around his toes or something cutting off the bloodflow - nothing seemed to be working. She also said he was spitting up a lot when he hadn't spit up the entire time he's been in her care. She also mentioned that he was stuffed up, seemed to be sucking air more to breath while eating and thought that his breathing was raspy. Of course I called the clinic and got him an appt.

When I got there Barb's mom had just fed him and he was dozing on her chest. He had went through 3 onesies, 5 burp clothes, 1 hoodie before I got there by spitting up all over them. I put another hoodie on him and as I was strapping him into his carseat, he looks at me and smiles. While waiting in the waiting room at the clinic he was smiling, laughing and cooing at me. While meeting with the doctor he was all smiles, laughs and giggles with the doc. Other than a stuffy nose he was as healthy as a horse.

The doc played with him for a bit while I was scolded for feeding him too much. I told him what the AAP had said about the 2-3 oz per lbs of baby and then split that total over the 6 feedings a day. He frowned, probably did the math in his head and said that he was taught it was 2oz right out of the hospital and then add an ounce for each month milestone he hit. So that put Oz at 5oz by his calcuations and we are offering 6oz by mine. Oz doesn't always eat the whole thing so the doc stopped scolding me and just asked that I keep an eye out with the reflux that we don't over feed too much in one sitting. That I totally understand and we will keep an eye out to make sure he's not spitting up a ton.

So I take my laughing Buddha boy back from the doc and start getting ready to go back to Barb's place. He's flirting with the nurses and anyone else he can smile and hide his face at. I call Barb let him know he's okay and that I am bringing him back. I put him in the car, start it because of the warm day and by the time I put the stroller in the trunk and got in the car he was racked out. We get back to Barb's and he's flirting with both of them and laughing too. His crying fit was apparently because he was TIRED. Unfortunately overtired enough that he was fighting sleep instead of giving in. He woke for 5 minutes said goodbye to me and then went right back to sleep. They swaddled him up and he slept for 2 hours.

So my little stinker freaked us all out for a nap. When I picked him up he was sitting in the bouncey seat flirting and playing peek-a-boo with Barb. The poor little stinker just needed a nap. I love my boy, he cracks me up!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Quarter of a year

Oz is offically a quarter of a year old! Such a big boy!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

First Week

I've been hesitent to even blog about this because I so don't want to hear the negative crap from last time. But anyways, I spent my first week at work. I enjoyed being back at helping customers it was nice. If I could have a perfect world I would much rather work part time. I may even speak about that to my supervisor to maybe try 30-35 hours a week just to give me more time with Oz.

I cried like I thought I would when I dropped Oz off the first morning. It was hard to do. What was my blessing though was picking him up at the end of the day and when Barb asked him "who's that" he smiled the largest smile I've ever seen and he laughed. That totally made my day. I do like the home environment that Barb provides. It may not be my home exactly and yes I know they won't treat him exactly like I do but the quality of care is great and what I expect. And I am pretty darn anal retentive so I've got high expectations.

On top of this new experience for both of us I was also having my period. This is so TMI for poor Aaron my only male reader but its actually a concern for me. My emotions have been pretty stable my whole life as far as PMS goes even with the endo. Now post pregnancy I've noticed that I swing emotionally pretty radically. I've caught myself getting ready to lose patients on my husband for really dumb reasons and stop myself and that's not normal. Anyone with endo after having a little one notice a change in their PMS symptoms?

We are going to dress Oz up here shortly for Halloween and take his photos. He's a little chicken and should be the most adorable little chicken in the universe (yes I am biased).

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Busy, busy, busy - but here's some eye candy

9 Weeks

9 Weeks

11 Weeks

11 Weeks

Playtime - loves the lights (and ummm the TV - yikes)

Sleepy baby boy

Feeties are soo cute!

Pudgey hands are too!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Some things don't mix

I was trying to be creative and help out Oz. The doctor approved apple juice for his constipation kinda messes up his eating. It lubricated his colon and softens his stool but it doesn't do much for making him feel full, but does take up space in his tummy so he can't eat a full meal. I try and stick it in, inbetween meals but that doesn't always work well and he either doesn't eat enough formula or eats it all and upchucks.

So while talking to his cousin's mom I thought it would be a good idea to put the juice in the bottle in place of some water. It mixed well and looked like it would be a good solution. I was so wrong! While grabbing a bottle this morning to feed Oz - I saw it. It was the grossest looking mess. The juice, water and formula had seperated and looked like a bizarre B52 shot from my college days. Needless to say you know I threw it out - blech!

So boys and girls applie juice and formula don't mix - lesson learned.

Dear Oz

Good job liitle man! This mornings 4 am gnosh fest was much better. Playtime is for the day, midnight snacks are for the half asleep. Good job on going back to sleep quickly after a good burp & a rock or two.

Love you lots!


So much to blog so little time....

Rachel here's what we did for Oz and Bella.

My dog has always been pretty motherly. While in Germany she pestered the grandparents of a child of our friends every time he made a single noise, going back and forth from the baby carrier to the grandparent until they told her it was okay.

From about the 4 month mark we talked to the dog about the baby. "The baby's coming Bella, will you watch the baby for us?" We used the same word for Oz over and over - The Baby. That way she associates The Baby with Oz. Less confusing that the 5 millions names we call our little one (Like LBG - Little Bald Guy).

When he was born after about two days of wear, DH took the hat he wore and let the dog smell it. He said this is from the baby and talked about the baby while she smelled it. When we came home from the hospital, we had a supervised visit. She smelled the baby, licked him and tried to bowl me over in an effort to get pets. Guess she didn't know I had a c-section either. *giggle*

We make sure that every day the dog gets 10 minutes or so of attention from each of us that does not involve the baby. She is always invited up on the couch (we allow that in our house) while feeding the baby. I've also left Oz in the middle of my bed (he doesn't roll yet that will stop as soon as he can) and told her to watch the baby. She jumps up on the bed and sits right next to him until I come back - I was using the little girls room.

She does feel a little neglected because we can't always play right when she brings a toy to us. We try and bring that toy back out after Oz goes to bed, or take the family for a walk. Basically try and keep her involved and feeling like she's part of the family. Of course she loves on anyone that comes to the door, so I know she still feels little like she's no longer the main event.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dear Son

Mommy loves that you are developing and learning new things like grabbing, shoving and pulling your bottle around. She even told daddy about how you are getting so big and doing bigboy things, but please not at 4 am. Mommy snuggled & rocked you at 3 am when you were having your weird dreams that made you thrash about like being in a mosh pit at a BlackFlag concert (you never even opened your eyes) and happily got back up with you at 4 am when you were hungry. But just like you son, Mommy needs her sleep or she's a cranky, pooh-pooh mommy.

Love, hugs & snuggles,


(He went to sleep at 1930 last night and I was up at 3am, 4am, back to sleep at 5am and up at 7am for the morning. I'm dragging hard this morning.)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

He's that 10%

I have several sleep books for babies. I use a bit from each book since no baby completely falls under one book's ideas. If yours did then you are a lucky duck. The main book I use Health Sleep, Happy Child covers about 80% of Oz's behaviors.

I have had the joy of Oz going to bed around 2100 and sleeping until 0600-0700. This has been a great joy and team mommy has been a litle more sane and perky. Last week I noticed that Oz was wanting to feed and snooze earlier so his sleep time moved back to 2030 but he was still sleeping until 0600-0700. In order to try and allow him as much sleep as possible and the work day starting this weekend I moved Oz's sleep time to 2000 and he woke at 0530. He wanted a diaper change some gnosh and went back to sleep until 0830.

Last night, Oz was yawning, rubbing his eyes and had heavy lids around 1845. So following his sleepy lead I went through the night time ritual. We put on his night time diaper (we got some freebies from someone in the unit but they aren't thick enough for overnight), warmed his bottle, fed him, burritoed him, read him a story and rocked him. He was in bed and snoring away about 1940.

Now Dr Weissbluth swears that putting a baby to sleep earlier won't mean that he wakes earlier, he just needs more sleep. Ummm Oz likes to prove people wrong because he woke at 0500 this morning. Exactly an half hour earlier when he wanted to go to sleep an half hour earlier. Yes, he's done it two nights in a row.

Later in another chapter he does say that at his age he make wake for a late night feeding and then go back to sleep - which he does. I just find it funny that the doc swears that putting a child to sleep earlier doesn't mean they will wake earlier - but Oz does.

I love it that Oz likes to prove people wrong just on G.P.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Customer Service?

I made an error last week and didn't know I needed to be home for the Terminix guy to come and spray our home. So the day after I called to reschedule for today. The termite inspector came in plenty of time and checked out our home. But the spray guy didn't show.

I called them to find out the man was still out with an appendicitis. They mentioned this last week but assured me he was due back on time. I was irritated because they say I must be home in order for the initial spraying. So I advised her that they needed to come this week period. When she started to balk over it, I asked her what sane person schedules clients with a sick employee? That with my appendicitis I was out for 3 weeks, and only giving this guy a week was a bad idea. So finally someone else besides the poor sick guy is coming Saturday.

What really irks me is that they didn't even call me today to tell me no one was coming. Umm duh people I needed to know that. And I hope the man who has the appendicitis gets well soon, since his work seems to think he's superman.

Secondary observation

There's something I don't get about that baby-dar I spoke of last. In addition to waking for anything noise Oz makes beyond a sigh or laugh, I seem to hover in a state of wake from about 0400. Why I don't know, crap he wakes me if he sneezes to loud so why does my body also keep me partially awake during that time period that he could wake?

I've been slightly awake since 0400 this morning like just about every morning but Oz didn't stir until 0530. He wanted a new diaper, some nosh and went back to sleep. I on the other hand still maintained that state of partial wake until I finally got up at 0830.

I could be resting, I will hear him I need to just relax more I guess.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Leave it to a milspouse to be extremely creative. Okay yeah sure anyone could have thought of it, but it was a lady from the mil spouse board I go to who gave us the perfect solution - so Milspouses rock!

The advice was to put a fairly heavy blanket under the boys butt and let an inch or two hang onto the ground. It provides just enough friction to slow down the swing to a pleasant pace. Oz has swung to his heart's content on several occasions now without issue.

Aaron, I think I will pass on getting the expensive swing. He likes it but it wasn't nearly as "worthy" as a miracle blanket. I can't see spending $140+ for one of those pappasan ones that plug in when he likes it just okay. That and we threw away the box this morning for the other swing and I can't return it. D'oh!

Friday, October 05, 2007


I am a person who prefers to sleep in the dark. The husband has always wandered the bedroom with a flashlight looking in drawers to find his clothes should he forget to pull them out the night before.

When Oz was born things really didn't change. I set his monitor to "on" versus voice activated at first. I wanted to hear him breath. I wanted to hear every hiccup, burp, fart and sneeze. And I woke for each and every one of those things too. I had Oz radar, I could hear a pin drop in his room while dead asleep.

After a while I got used to the idea that he really is okay and I could turn the monitor to voice activated only. This only put out a sound when he made a cry or a laugh, something that hit a certain noise level. But I also noticed something new. I could filter what noises would wake me and what noises I could care less about.

Now I don't hear the toilet flush, I don't hear the shower run, I don't hear the racket down stairs while the husband makes coffee, lunch etc. I don't notice the lights being turned on either. But Oz, farts and my eyes pop open in the darkness. I roll to the monitor and wait. Is this just a fart or does he need me? I never in a million years would have thought that I a person who requires 8 hours sleep daily could survive on less. I never thought I could sleep through storms, dropping coffee pots, clanking dishes but will wake and be down the hall before the first cry has even escaped fully from Oz's lips.

I've been told that, this baby radar will never go away. That forever I will hear, know and respond without a second thought to any noise my son will make. People are interesting creatures.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Only my son....

I thought it would be nice to get Oz a swing. So while shopping for some stuff to make an anniversary present for the hubby, I bought a travel swing.

Oz and I put it together when we got home and I put him in it. I had it on the LOWEST setting and he drifted off about 5 minutes in. About 45 minutes later he made a cry I had never heard before. I took him out of the swing, changed his diaper, tried to burp him and when he was still crying, I tried feeding him. The feeding seemed to go well and all went back to calm.

About an hour later I took him, the swing and myself upstairs to work on the bills. Again he fell asleep pretty quickly. He was silently sleeping, peacefully at that for about an hour or so. Then I heard that weird/new cry again. I turned around just in time to see vomit come out his nose and mouth! Of course he's panicked because he's vomiting via his nose and I pulled him out of the swing ASAP! I cleaned him up, gave him a couple of ounces of formula and placed him in his bouncer this time.

So WTH? He loves it when we rock him to sleep and he doesn't get sick in the car, so why does the swing make him upchuck? Poor guy I guess the glider when we rock him is much slower and doesnt make him want to hurl. Any ideas on how to slow the swing down more until he gains more weight to do it himself? Or do I just bite the bullet and take the swing back?

Monday, October 01, 2007

2 month check up

On the count of 3, say "awwwwww!" Oz had his check up today. He was a trooper after getting his shots. He cried, but if I'd never been stuck my a needle before I'd cry too. I cried as soon as he did. I tried to talk softly into his ear while they gave him the shots. I hope it was comforting at least a tiny bit. Luckily the sites aren't swollen so hopefully they won't swell at all. Just like my little stubborn son, he didn't sleep like everyone said that he would. Oz doesn't want to miss a thing that might go on when his eyes are close. *giggle*

His stats are: 12 lbs 2 oz, 24 inches tall. His head though is small - 39cm. That's in the 25th percentile. He acts and does behaviors like a normal 9 week old so I'm not worried. I just wonder why he's so ahead of the game on weight and length but has such a wittle head? It just gives me something else to be paranoid over I guess.

So my boy is geting bigger and bigger!