Monday, October 01, 2007

2 month check up

On the count of 3, say "awwwwww!" Oz had his check up today. He was a trooper after getting his shots. He cried, but if I'd never been stuck my a needle before I'd cry too. I cried as soon as he did. I tried to talk softly into his ear while they gave him the shots. I hope it was comforting at least a tiny bit. Luckily the sites aren't swollen so hopefully they won't swell at all. Just like my little stubborn son, he didn't sleep like everyone said that he would. Oz doesn't want to miss a thing that might go on when his eyes are close. *giggle*

His stats are: 12 lbs 2 oz, 24 inches tall. His head though is small - 39cm. That's in the 25th percentile. He acts and does behaviors like a normal 9 week old so I'm not worried. I just wonder why he's so ahead of the game on weight and length but has such a wittle head? It just gives me something else to be paranoid over I guess.

So my boy is geting bigger and bigger!


Tracy said...

Do small heads run in your family? My oldest has a small head. He wore infant sized baseball caps until he was well over one years old. His doctor was never concerned b/c it was always small and he hit milestones just fine. The reason I ask about your families is b/c my dad played football in high school and they had to order him a special football helmet to fit his small head :) LOL Sometimes it's just a family trait.

The funniest thing is that my sister has a son that is 5 years younger than my oldest and they have the same size head and have since her little one was about one years old~he's got a 90% head LOL

Watching your child get shots is hard though isn't it? One thing I was told to do is to rub their leg where they get the shots right after the shot b/c that disperses the meds faster and helps with the reactions. My kids always got a hot red spot at the injection site for one of the vaccinations (can't remember which one). Tylenol helps!

cole3699 said...

Well Mr. N had a pinhead at 3 months...look at chubs head now!!!