Friday, July 12, 2013


Well after me pushing the issue with my RE, I ended up being referred to see a surgical specialist. My instinct kept telling me that I needed this. And well....I did. After 4 hours I came out being told that my right tube was fully blocked, scarred and infected. My left tube was partially blocked (which he cleared). He removed a bunch of endometriosis, as well as scar tissue and adhesions at the C-section incision. Lastly, he removed a fibroid from my uterus. It seemed like it was going well and he was optimistic that we could get pregnant all on our own. Six weeks later, I was at my follow up appointment and found out that umm well, my fibroid was actually the devil in disguise. I found out I have adenomyosis. This is endometriosis in the uterine wall, which well SUCKS! And to add to that hot fudge sundae of suck, the most of the endo found was right in the spot of the uterus where the embryo would implant. We have a few decisions to make now. I have a few things that I'll need to overcome before we can decide what we want to do now in our quest to have a bigger family.