Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Houston we are a go

Went back to the RE today.  We have 5 follicles at 12mm and 3 follicles that are 16-20mm.  So when asked if he was talking to his kid what would he say he agreed it was worth making a go of it.  So we are going to retrieve whatever we get on Friday.  He's estimating 3-5 and I'm willing my body to grab 6-8.  Not all follicles will hold an egg, but straight up I'm willing the body to give 6-8 eggs.

Got directions on injecting the HCG in my arse.  The husband was on task for it.  I went ahead and had the nurse use an ink pen and draw a circle for him to use as a target.  He did a good job tonight.  No pain and very little bleeding.

So now I get a day off from shots and then its go time!

Wish us luck.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

News, it's what it is

So the RE saw me today and went on a tangent about possibly skipping retrieval and doing an IUI instead.  Apparently I don't make many follicles.  Sucks to hear but he said come see him tomorrow and we can decide then.  I was crushed.  I mean crap, I've been stabbing my belly fat for 10 days straight with 2-4 jabs each time.  Scrapping it to go to IUI sort of pissed me off.  So while driving to work, I called my sister at 6AM her time and sobbed into her ear.

We decided that unless the RE said there was a snowball's chance, that we'd skip.  If he said anything else then we were a go.  I shared the same theory with the husband who agreed with our master plan.  The closer I get to 41, the more I become "old" for baby making purposes.  Makes me laugh that I'm described as old but according to reproductive science I am old.  *sigh*

The nurse proceeding to tear up my vein again.  I want them to go back to sticking an orange again because I'm tired of looking like an addict.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dr. G because the rest of his name is unpronouncable

I had to have a weekend ultrasound and blow draw.  I got to see the oncall doc, whose last name is so frickin' long and crazy that people literally call him Dr G.  So I go to the lab at one hospital campus at 8 AM.  She draws my blood and I proceed to tell her that I love her and can she come to my Doc's office and teach them a thing or two.  She chuckled and thanked me for the compliment.  I finish by 8:15 AM and then had to wait at the other campus for the ultrasound which was at 9:45.  I arrived at 9:25 and the doors are locked tight.  I call the service, leave what I hope is a polite message.  The nurse apparently walks down the hall AFTER I called the service and tells me he's on the way.  So of course he calls me and I tell him that I was waiting at his office.  Remember that the meds make me a bit wenchy, so I was probably rude because his response was that he was treating a patient who was bleeding....which made me feel like an ass.  Properly put in my place, I told him I was glad I hadn't make a mistake and would wait patiently.

He arrives, checks everything out and then starts asking questions about prior surgeries.  Being the nosy girl I am, I asked him what scarring does he think he sees and could it be my endo.  He said it could be or scarring from my c-section.  Makes me worried though.  We skipped surgery to remove the endo because of time.  I just hope that it was a good idea.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wow, so not a phlembotomist

I love my RE, but his nurses tore up my arms drawing blood.  Nurse #1 comes in and tries the vein they used earlier in the week.  Its my best vein, since my are deep and roll.  Yeah, Nurse #1 blew the vein in the first go.  Nurse #1 calls in Nurse #2.  I inform her that my veins are deep and roll and if she could please try once and then go for my hand with a butterfly needle.  She tells me that she doesn't do hands but will figure it out.  I stick out both arms, squeeze the little stress balls to pop out my veins.  She finds "one" sticks in the needle and after a tiny bit of digging, I believe I growled.

Nurse #2 calls in the RE and tells him to take it from my hand.  They have no butterfly needles but he grabs a syringe and manages to do a decent job on my hand.  While working on me, he and the nurses keep asking me if I'm okay.  After about the 4th time I ask why the hell are they constantly asking that?  Did I look green or something?  Dr E proceeds to tell me that he's been punched and kicked before.  I promise him I wont do either.  He then makes me turn up my right hand and hold the cottonball.  He then proceeds to tell me he really doesn't want to be kicked as his most vuneralble bits are exposed.  Not quite connecting the dots, I glance down and realize he's strattling my legs leaving his bits in prime kicking range.  I snicker slightly and promise that I will NOT kick him.  He draws my blood without issue and later in the week he uses my hand a second time again without issue.  His nurses do not work enough on drawing blood.  My arm looks like I'm a drug addict.  *sigh*

Friday, August 17, 2012

Let the fun begin

Tonight I start my meds and its a bit weird.  I get to stab myself twice but only first after mixing my own meds.  Yep I feel like the dude from Breaking Bad, mixing my stuff in my bathroom.  Its just the menpur but it comes in powder form and I get to mix it.  First I draw liquid out of one vile, after putting air into the vile.  Then I get to stick into the powder vile making sure to swirl not shake the thing.  Then its off to the sticking.  I use ice cubes to numb the area so its no so bad, but I still manage to leave bruises upon occasion.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh joy!

Another drawback from the meds is that it makes my endometriosis go haywire giving me killer cramps from hell.  I doubt dudes read this and if you do, deal or move on.  Anyways because we are starting IVF, I'm on a strict protocol - No Ibuprophen.  Oh SUCK!  Yes try taming cramps that make you think someone is stabbing you in the back with tylenol. *sigh*  It will be worth it, I swear it will be worth it.

Friday, August 10, 2012

New Journey

After two years with 6 months of them including visits to a RE and meds we are going to go IVF.  I'm a pro at sticking myself with needles which being a needle-phobe never thought that would happen.  The meds make me a bit bitchy like permanent PMS and I don't get PMS.  They also give me headaches, but if we end up with a second child who is healthy and happy it will be worth it.

Wish us luck, send some prayers and send out positive kharma for us.