Tuesday, August 28, 2012

News, it's what it is

So the RE saw me today and went on a tangent about possibly skipping retrieval and doing an IUI instead.  Apparently I don't make many follicles.  Sucks to hear but he said come see him tomorrow and we can decide then.  I was crushed.  I mean crap, I've been stabbing my belly fat for 10 days straight with 2-4 jabs each time.  Scrapping it to go to IUI sort of pissed me off.  So while driving to work, I called my sister at 6AM her time and sobbed into her ear.

We decided that unless the RE said there was a snowball's chance, that we'd skip.  If he said anything else then we were a go.  I shared the same theory with the husband who agreed with our master plan.  The closer I get to 41, the more I become "old" for baby making purposes.  Makes me laugh that I'm described as old but according to reproductive science I am old.  *sigh*

The nurse proceeding to tear up my vein again.  I want them to go back to sticking an orange again because I'm tired of looking like an addict.

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