Sunday, January 28, 2007

Just a little slow?

I got a notice from Photobucket about some Calvin and Hobbes strips I put up almost a year ago. They are deleting them because they violate copyright agreements or something like that. No problem the author's copywright info was on them but I don't care. I just found it comical that they have been up a year and they just now notice?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Inbred Mothers....

I hate small towns. I hate stupid people. I hate apathy. I hate this PLACE!

Today is the DH's birthday. I went to the store found killer cupcakes (its what he wanted), two small groupings of these gorgeous blazing orange and yellow Tulips and a cute cared. I walk up to the express, lights on no one is there. As I walk off she hollers to come back. I put my things down carefully. I watch her bag the stuff and my mouth drops. She turns the container of cupcakes on its SIDE! "Did you just flip those over?" I ask. She pulls the cupcakes out of the bag, one is stuck to the top of the container, a second is stuck to the side. I get an "opps. Do you want me to get you another one?" I snorted and said, "No I will go get them." She tries to get a co-worker to go get them I refuse and tell them that most of them were messed up in the first place. Not to fucking mention that that was the ONLY container that didn't have Sponge Bob or Princesses stuck to the top of them.

I grab my cupcakes, grab my bags and start to leave. She bagged both ends of the tulips and they slipped out in front of me and I stepped on them. Of the 10 tulips only 3 survived, the remaining I left for my neighbor's daughter since they fit in a fucking Dixie Cup!

After I calm down, I plan on going back and seeing if there was at least 1 more bunch of those tulips that weren't already open and spent. I really hate the pathetic attitude of people and their lack of common sense. Who wants cupcakes that are squashed and half of their frosting is stuck to the top of the container?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bring on the funk!

I think I am stuck in a funk or at least being utterly lazy. School starts next week and I haven't even registered. Its my last class if I don't declare my MBA program and I can't seem to make up my mind about doing that or not. I apparently can't seem to make decisions period - everytime I think about what I need to get done I just try and find a movie to watch instead! I keep the house clean, do the laundry, run errands and geek on the net but if it comes down to school or work I just seem to run into a brick wall, shrug my shoulders and go grab a yogurt.

I know that trying to finish course work with a newborn is going to be difficult. So I should at least register for the class and take it so that if I don't feel like doing anything about the MBA program I can petition to graduate instead. If I am not going to take classes this semester I should at least register for a cert. course and take the exams for my PHR this May. The PHR is like the CPA certs for accountants but for HR Professionals instead.

I am not really sure where my motivation went. Oh motivation....motivation, where did you go?

Saturday, January 13, 2007


On a Mil Spouse board I visit, we've talked many times about shoving all the MILs onto an island and leaving their big mouthed arses there until hell freezes over. I want to buy a first class ticket for mine TODAY!

We called to tell them about the Bean today. We didn't tell the parents until after we heard the heartbeat because we didn't want the pressure. The MIL has been riding us for numerous things and we really didn't want the weekly phone call of "Are you pregnant yet?" While we had infertility issues. And what smart assed comment does my MIL make?

"Oh thank God. I thought we weren't getting a grandchild. We thought you wouldn't give one to us. I just thought it was NEVER going to happen!"

She also did the math and realized I was pregnant when the visited at Thanksgiving and was ticked off that we didn't tell them right then and there. The husband got lectured all about that one, she spared me.

I did get her back a little when she was whining about how we had denied her grandchildren for years I mentioned, "well now at least you won't just have the dog as your only grandchild will you." I said that because a while ago before she started digging on our furniture sizes she would make snotty comments about grandchildren and something about the dog's photo is what they show friends as their grandchild. So I just had to be a little snot back.

Why can't they just be happy? Seriously, getting ticked off because we waited 11 weeks to tell people, making remarks about how we purposely denied them grandchildren and continuing to ride us about it is just OMFG. I mean come on lady it never occurred to you that we might be having infertility issues? Or were we just expected to reproduce at will to satisfy your every need?

My MIL needs to be hurled onto the island and stay there for ETERNITY!

Monday, January 08, 2007

What's in a name?

I am quickly running out of things to blog about unless you want to hear about baby crap like farting, burping, food that turns the tummy, etc - which honestly after the first 10 minutes I'd be bored as well. So I went searching for my list of baby names. I'd posted them a while ago and decided that since tomorrow we go listen to the heartbeat of bean I would repost them again.

*Liam James
*Ian Mulholland (middle name is a family name)
*Eathan Michael
*Edward Grant

*Emily Rose
*Lorelai Catherine
*Grace Anne
*Fiona Caitlin

Someone has already mentioned the movie the Exorcisism of Emily Rose, but I still like the name regardless. We could go with Emily Grace as well. Oh and I had my first baby related scary dream last night. I was alone, had the baby (it was a girl) but couldn't get the crib together. I kept having to take it apart and put it back together. I also noticed the girl had a clubbed left foot or deformed, whatever. On one of my last attempts of puttng the crib together I took the sides outside to put them together and my outside was right in the front of a Walmart.

I promise you I am not eating weird food at midnight to make this crap happen - I am just WEIRD!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oh you so have to GO!

I've started with the freaky dreams again and they are killing me. I can barely remember last night's but they are just so weird. And they are keeping me up, well waking me up and then I am having issues getting back to sleep. It makes me crabby and I am annoyed as hell about it.

Do these things ever go away? And please don't tell me about how the sex dreams should be more fun and not to worry they will be here soon. I just want undisturbed, good old sleep with normal dreams that I don't frickin' remember.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

One down one to go

Well I went off to see the hematologist (aka Dr Medical Oncologist). After a brief discussion making fun of the trials I had to endure with medical care in Germany (It sucked the patient/doc ratio was jacked up causing shitty care - it really was shitty care), we talked about my issues. According to him I am still normal but just outside of the normal range for the average woman. He talked about how my hemoglobin's were very pretty and that my platelets vacillate occasionally above normal but usually sit within the normal range.

The only thing he said I would want to keep a watch on is my red blood cell count. If it starts to rise and stay elevated for a long period (like a year) then its possible I have Polycythemia. I had already read about it in a google search and its not a big, big deal. Basically it would mean that I produce too much RBCs or Platelets and this can usually be resolved by taking a pint of blood. It can't be transferred on to the bean and it won't have any affect on my ability to carry a baby to term.

He pretty much think that there really isn't a problem, but that I have a good Doc who has my health in mind. He wants to see me again right before we PCS just to take a blood draw and see if my RBC's have remained stable. He would then put a little note in my med file to do periodic CBC counts to verify that my RBC's remain stable.

So as far I am concerned I am GOLDEN! Now just waiting for the 9th!

Monday, January 01, 2007


I've been hiding a secret, well more like a secret fear than a true secret. I honestly don't feel like I am even pregnant. My friend who is due a month before me is already showing, in maternity clothes, sick as a dog and having all the issues that I expect a pregnant lady to have.

I on the other hand have sore boobs and my arse is spreading, that's about it. I just look like I am getting fat (fatter). So in the back of my mind, I have the normal fear that I am not really pregnant or that nothing is going on in there like a cosmic joke or something of just killing me with no sushi, booze and coffee only to find out nothing is really going on in there. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for my appointment on the 9th so we can finally hear the heartbeat. I want to know that its real, that there's truly a baby in there and not just nature pulling my leg.

My one sanity check that helped me prepare to wait this week out was a friend who knows more about my insides than I think my own husband does. She has her own biological quirks and has been instrumental in giving me info about procedures, processes and the like. So she knows about my issues in great detail. I confided my "cosmic joke, no baby" fear and she pointed out that a tilted uterus is a good reason why I am not showing and only look "fat." It never occured to me that the unusual position of my uterus would make me not appear like I have a baby bump. I can breathe a little easier knowning that, keeping it in the back of my mind every time I freak out.

Oh and on a funny note - I had to get new bras. Mine were squishing my ample cleavage to the point of it killing me to wear a bra. I am gigantic as far as I am concerned but I know it will go away some after the bean arrives. And I finally had to give up my pretty, sassy VS undies. They don't fit right anymore. I don't need maternity undies yet, but I had to break down and get bikinis versus string undies. Hanes bikinis are really comfy if anyone wants to know, they are comfy and not too expensive. I put my VS undies in the back of the drawer. I love their undies and will wear them again damn it! I swear I will!