Saturday, January 13, 2007


On a Mil Spouse board I visit, we've talked many times about shoving all the MILs onto an island and leaving their big mouthed arses there until hell freezes over. I want to buy a first class ticket for mine TODAY!

We called to tell them about the Bean today. We didn't tell the parents until after we heard the heartbeat because we didn't want the pressure. The MIL has been riding us for numerous things and we really didn't want the weekly phone call of "Are you pregnant yet?" While we had infertility issues. And what smart assed comment does my MIL make?

"Oh thank God. I thought we weren't getting a grandchild. We thought you wouldn't give one to us. I just thought it was NEVER going to happen!"

She also did the math and realized I was pregnant when the visited at Thanksgiving and was ticked off that we didn't tell them right then and there. The husband got lectured all about that one, she spared me.

I did get her back a little when she was whining about how we had denied her grandchildren for years I mentioned, "well now at least you won't just have the dog as your only grandchild will you." I said that because a while ago before she started digging on our furniture sizes she would make snotty comments about grandchildren and something about the dog's photo is what they show friends as their grandchild. So I just had to be a little snot back.

Why can't they just be happy? Seriously, getting ticked off because we waited 11 weeks to tell people, making remarks about how we purposely denied them grandchildren and continuing to ride us about it is just OMFG. I mean come on lady it never occurred to you that we might be having infertility issues? Or were we just expected to reproduce at will to satisfy your every need?

My MIL needs to be hurled onto the island and stay there for ETERNITY!


Kbear said...

I think I can help you build a catapult. Prepare yourself for plenty more of those off the wall comments tho. People say the DANGEST things while you are pregnant. Amazing really. it is like the filter between their brains and their mouths shuts off. Hang tough. So you heard the heartbeat eh? Helps make it real.

Robin said...

I feel your pain. We're living close to family for the first time since we got married. The husband took some leave over the holidays while the kids were out of school, and his mom thought it was because he needed to so he could be home with them while I went to work. Um, no, he wanted to take some time off work, and he does earn 30 whole days every year. She tells him "you need to tell us these things!" Um, no, I'm 35 years old and I think I can take leave without asking your permission. LOL!!

MQ said...

Oh, I'm sorry for all that. Tell her at least she wasn't a grandma at like 35 or something :) Just relish your happiness and never miss a chance for a little passive aggressive dig ;)

MQ said...

Oh, AND prepare yourself for lots of meddling about how you raise your baby...Good luck!

Kay said...

Check if you can get a 2 for 1 deal and I will split the cost with you if my m-i-l gets to go to. For the 9th year in a row, she has not called her firstborn granddaughter on her birthday.

Tracy said...

So sorry you had to deal with that. Like infertility isn't enough of a heartache.

My sister and her hubby struggled with infertility issues and I'll tell ya, nothing got to her more than the "you've been married 4 years, are you ever gonna have kids?" She didn't get it from immediate family b/c they shared their struggle with us, but from every tom, dick, and harry who's business it was not anyway.

Cole said...

I would so send her a picture of the dog with something about that being her first grandchild! But I am sick and twisted and we know it. Sorry she was rude!

Rachelle said...

sorry to hear that? How are you feeling?