Monday, January 08, 2007

What's in a name?

I am quickly running out of things to blog about unless you want to hear about baby crap like farting, burping, food that turns the tummy, etc - which honestly after the first 10 minutes I'd be bored as well. So I went searching for my list of baby names. I'd posted them a while ago and decided that since tomorrow we go listen to the heartbeat of bean I would repost them again.

*Liam James
*Ian Mulholland (middle name is a family name)
*Eathan Michael
*Edward Grant

*Emily Rose
*Lorelai Catherine
*Grace Anne
*Fiona Caitlin

Someone has already mentioned the movie the Exorcisism of Emily Rose, but I still like the name regardless. We could go with Emily Grace as well. Oh and I had my first baby related scary dream last night. I was alone, had the baby (it was a girl) but couldn't get the crib together. I kept having to take it apart and put it back together. I also noticed the girl had a clubbed left foot or deformed, whatever. On one of my last attempts of puttng the crib together I took the sides outside to put them together and my outside was right in the front of a Walmart.

I promise you I am not eating weird food at midnight to make this crap happen - I am just WEIRD!


Kara said...

You don't need a crib, discount that. :) Get a bassinet. I had nightmares too, have had some scary ones since I had J-man that left me shook all day. They pass. Part of bonding I think. (a weird off the wall bonding). Or maybe it is your fears when you love someone. Call me if you want to talk.

me again said...

PS. I like all the names. But that doesn't help does it? :) Of course, I am partial..... with my little guys' name......

MQ said...

Ooohh. I had some nasty dreams when I was pregnant too. One that my husband fell in love with someone else. It was awful!

I actually think you should skip the bassinet and just get a pack and play, and a crib, then you have a portable crib AND a bassinet :)

I like Ethan and Emily :)

Army Wife said...

I love all of the names, we are "old fashioned" name people here.

We ended up choosing names by each making a top five list..

the highest name that repeated itself on each list won...

hence the names

Henry Liam
Cora Isabelle

it is fun!!


Army Wife said...

oh and I too agree to skip the bassinet...

I NEVER used mine...

the crib on the other hand we USED. It is too bad you are not closer as I have crib, packk and play, strollers!!

Have fun!!

Tracy said...

I like the names. Luckily my hubby and I had the same taste in names and had our boys names picked out by pregnancy month 4! LOL My sister and her hubby argued forever until they found names they both liked.

I only had a couple of weird dreams when pregnant. Definitely not to the extent you have. I had a dream my baby was a girl and both were boys LOL