Monday, July 31, 2006

People suck....but we have paint!

The bad news:

While shopping in Home Depot we came out of the parking lot to find that someone hit and run our Passat. Looks like from what the officer said, the person was backing out and took the corner too tight and drug their bumper across the rear driverside door.

The good news:

We picked up our Passat today. It drives purdy, sounds purdy (good vroom vroom) and looks purdy too.

Our household goods have arrived & we have a date set before his school starts for delivery. Hopefully there aren't any stray admin things that need to be done that day so the hubby can be there to help check our stuff out.

We got paint. Arabian Sand for the family room which will go with the new carpet in both the family and dining rooms. Velet Sky for the masterbed room. They both look cool & I can't wait to get the stuff up on the walls.

The other good part was that the Ladies in Home Depot were right on with helping us call the cops, let us know about how the video cameras in the parking lot work and how that video can be turned over to the cops and our insurance.

So the arse that hit us ( and attempted to spit on thier fingers and wipe it off) makes people suck but we have purdy, purdy new paint.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Its only 10 months

We got our housing assignment today. We get to stay in billeting until Tuesday but I think I'd rather go back to Germany. The housing for us is scary - it was built in 1959 and someone was cheap and used bolt locks to child proof the home - the entire home! There are little bolts everywhere barely within my reach. There's nappy carpet on the stairs and the place is really really small. Not sure here but I swear the kitchen looks better in billeting than in the house.

The good news? This housing assignment is only 10 months. So we last for 10 months then go find some where a little better to live. (This set of housing is slated to be demolished after my spouse's rotation here.)

Mil Wife Bloggers Need a Little Hand

Hey folks a few Mil Wives are going to do a blogathon to support the Intrepid Fallen Heros Fund. Rose & Stale Betty are two great reads of mine. Stale Betty is hosting the blogathon. Either stop by or sponsor them for a great cause.

No more driving please

Finally last night we made it to KC, MO. I had a little family business to attend to and then the required sleep. I'll be without internet access again until we get into housing. It's a 20 minute drive to Leavenworth from where we are so, its time to check in with his boss for the next 10 months.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Weird Bee hives for 100 Alex

Utah goes on forEVER! Yes you heard me it went on for way to long. The only nice thing about today's drive was watching the pup figure out that the little stream the fed into the Colorado River was fun and she could get her little feeties wet. She ever barked her concern of those in the rapids that it wasn't safe in the water. She got quite a few "awwwws" for that. At least we made it to Denver today.

So triva fans I would like to know why are Utah's state highways identified with with a bee hive?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mommy says I have to

...The dog is killing me. We are in Salt Lake City tonight on the way to our new duty station. The dog has been sulking the whole way. She lies in her box facing the backseat staring at nothing for hours on end.

I guess it could be worse, she could be kicking the driver's seat for hours on end instead!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I guess Momma forgot to tell you... do not wear a baseball cap on your melon while sitting in a church or mission or just about any place of worship. No panama hats either. matter how bored you are during the rehearsal, you do not put your feet up on the pew in front you & proceed to stretch your legs out fully using the pew as a foot/leg rest. do not dip your hand in the water by the door just to see what it is and then flick the holy water off your hand onto the floor. are not a bovine, please do not chew your gum and snap bubbles like a bovine during the entire ceremony and mass following.

...even if you are not Catholic and regardless of fashion trends of the summer you do not wear short shorts, old ratty capris pants, tevas, 99 cent flip flops good for shower shoes, skin tight tiny strapped tops that provided me with such a view I thought about the "plumbers crack joke", tubetop dresses (unless with a shawl or sweater while in the mission) or a tank top t-shirt with a cross bedazzled on it in bright shiny crystals in a mission that is so old that it was one of the original missions of California's El Camino Real.

At least no one took communion and spit out the host (or put it in their pocket).

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gotta love 'em even if they drive you crazy

I haven't posted about this yet as I was still trying to make peace with the whole situation. On the 30th when we arrived after about two hours of sitting in my parents home, they told me some disturbing news.

In April 2005 my father found out he had a heart arythmia and diabetes. Yes that's right it was about a 1 1/2 years ago that they knew this but waited until I had been up about 20 hours straight to let me know. The heart problem included going to the hospital for them to purposely stop my father's heart and restart it in the hopes of correcting the rythm. My family then proceeded to forbid my brother to tell me anything about it until now.

All of this was kept from me because some how in their mind against my brother's advice, they thought it was a good idea. My parents felt that with the hubby being deployed that it was better to not tell me as it might upset me. I am no orchid that's for sure and they didn't need to wait a year and a frickin' half to tell me about it. What's even more irritating is that my father so much as said that if he deploys again he would do the very same thing time and time again.

Being tired, cranky and pissed as all hell that they basically withheld important information (such as killing my father and starting his heart again) I went nuts on them. I really was disgusted because they raised me in an environment that involved their children in the things that life threw them - because according to them they had no secrets and that we as a family would work on them together. So you may start to see the point here.

As a family I would have liked to know that he was going in to have his heart worked on, that he would need to lose weight and control his new found diabetes. It doesn't mean I have to fix it but that if there was something I could do I would lend a hand. It was a big slap in the face to be raised as a family working on problems together to completely shutting me out of all of it including not even telling me right after it was over and done with.

For the next nine years of my spouse's military career I will be faced with at least three more deployments and my family's crazy idea that hidding the truth from me would be a bright idea. This part of life does not thrill me, especially since my folks are getting older and will probably be faced with more health issues as time goes along. I am trying to focus on the positive of this such the fact that my dad lost 20 lbs, quit smoking for over a year now and controls his diabetes with diet. I must remember that these are all good things and with the best intentions my parents tried to spare me from them. No really they meant well (I just want to kill them for it first).

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thank You she says

My musings of our Independence day comes a little later than the 4th but still with just as much thought.

My friend and I have been trying to work on a friendship that over the years has had its thrashings where we didn't speak for several years. Mostly our issues were stupid things we've done to each other and as time passes and we grow a little we each learn to see the other's point of view and the error in our choices.

While riding in the car, a soft quiet but heartfelt apology comes from my friend over our last stupid human trick. We both start spouting out how we could have handled things differently, better and without so much drama. We've both grown and learned and wished that maybe if we had done it this way or not said that, that things would have never gotten quite so "two bears fighting over a fish." I am glad that with time (heaven knows I needed a few years to even look objectively over the issue) we learned a better way to handle things and treat each other.

Some where before or after our realization that not all things must be so rough & tumble while being friends, we were talking about politics, the hubby's deployment and the future of our military life. What blew me away and was a pretty cool thing to say was her thanks she gave to my spouse. She thanked him for purposely putting himself in harms way, so that her spouse didn't have to. I probably don't give the moment the proper justice, but she recognized that through my spouse's job, hard work and sacrifice - her family can sleep at night protected by those who serve.

Suburbia and Suburbanites, are keenly aware of what it is that a military member does each and every day....and they are thankful for their freedom.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

On the ground & running

We said our goodbye's to Detuscheland for the last time. Yesterday's flight was long but we are finally on the ground. I am mixed about how I feel.

As I drove across the bridge to the East Bay, I had to laugh. The whole last leg of the trip from DWF to SFO all we talked about was going to In n Out Burger. A hamberger versus a Frickadelle never tasted so good! Now we have to hit a Wendy's so I can dip my fries in my Frosty and I will be set for quite a while.

It's sad to be leaving a place we actually got to stay in for six years but it's great to be in a place where you can speak without thinking about what you want to say. I never thought I'd say it but while talking to someone about our experiences in Germany I called it 'home.' You adapt, you learn to deal with what you can't stand and you learn to love where you are. We will miss good beer, assigned seating in the theatre, not worrying about idiots passing you on the right, and a few other things.

I'm still homeless for the next month or so but will be staying with folks that have a faster connection than my folks do. Maybe I can upload a few new pictures soon. I really want my stuff, my bed and just to inspect what the idiot packers broke while pretending to be a moving company.

Be nice to each other, I 'll check in as often as I can.....Honey can we go to Wendys now?