Friday, July 28, 2006

Its only 10 months

We got our housing assignment today. We get to stay in billeting until Tuesday but I think I'd rather go back to Germany. The housing for us is scary - it was built in 1959 and someone was cheap and used bolt locks to child proof the home - the entire home! There are little bolts everywhere barely within my reach. There's nappy carpet on the stairs and the place is really really small. Not sure here but I swear the kitchen looks better in billeting than in the house.

The good news? This housing assignment is only 10 months. So we last for 10 months then go find some where a little better to live. (This set of housing is slated to be demolished after my spouse's rotation here.)


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airforcewife said...

I love the "only ten months" justification. As hard as PCSing can be, sometimes it's a very good thing.

It also gives me an excuse not to buy a new couch.

"Well, we're only going to be here another few months. Maybe when we move..."