Monday, July 31, 2006

People suck....but we have paint!

The bad news:

While shopping in Home Depot we came out of the parking lot to find that someone hit and run our Passat. Looks like from what the officer said, the person was backing out and took the corner too tight and drug their bumper across the rear driverside door.

The good news:

We picked up our Passat today. It drives purdy, sounds purdy (good vroom vroom) and looks purdy too.

Our household goods have arrived & we have a date set before his school starts for delivery. Hopefully there aren't any stray admin things that need to be done that day so the hubby can be there to help check our stuff out.

We got paint. Arabian Sand for the family room which will go with the new carpet in both the family and dining rooms. Velet Sky for the masterbed room. They both look cool & I can't wait to get the stuff up on the walls.

The other good part was that the Ladies in Home Depot were right on with helping us call the cops, let us know about how the video cameras in the parking lot work and how that video can be turned over to the cops and our insurance.

So the arse that hit us ( and attempted to spit on thier fingers and wipe it off) makes people suck but we have purdy, purdy new paint.


Cole said...

UGH! That is terrible. But you are handling this well. Welcome home baby doll!


MQ said...

What a jack ass!!! But I hope the paint lifted your spirits. I love the finished product of painting, but I hate the work...:)