Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spiders are EVIL

Even if we still don't have orders, an RFO or even a clue as to our next duty station, I can still putter around and clean out what we haven't used in over a year or two. It happens every PCS which is great because we don't hold on to too much crap.

I am a clothes horse, meaning that I have way more than the hubby has and have probably kept a hold of more than I should have. So I started to go through the closets pulling out sizes I could only wear again with the help of a tape worm. If I had bought a second pair of the same shoes, I got rid of the ones in the worst shape and decided what clothes I could put in those vacuum bags and squish 'em ity bity so we could have closets again. This includes our letter jackets from high school and my old cheer leading uniform.

As I was pulling crap out of the closet that the hubby had killed two ginormous spiders from a couple of months ago, I went ahead and shook each outfit roughly to make sure there were no hitch hikers. Then I pulled out this royal blue, dress I got in Morocco. I remembered in Egypt I had stepped on the dress going up stairs and had pulled the stitches loose on the arm seam. Finding that I had already fixed it some time I looked down to see this great big gob of nasty spider webbing. One of those little crapper spiders left an egg sack on my dress. I nearly peed my pants, shuddering and saying "ewwww, ewwwie!" I ran down stairs with the dress and left it in the backyard on the table.

Freaking that there might be another spider sac or worse live spiders, I grabbed a pair of heavy socks, heavy soled shoes and put them on with my carpi pants. I looked like a total idiot in carpi pants and socks pulled up to my knees but I wasn't risking dealing with another nasty spider.

Just another reason why I can't wait to get orders and get the hell out of Toto-town!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Really, news worthy?

A bunch of photos of a funeral had ended up in the news recently of a man who had passed. His family wanted him to be seen in his favourite place - in front of the TV, with a beer, smokes etc. Sounds pretty nice, and a great way for a person you loved to be remembered. But would you really want to see the pictures? I'm not talking about a far away photo that shows the set up but I mean a foot or so away of the face?

Dead people and death photos maybe good for the family, but I'm sorry putting them in the news paper or on a message board (as entertainment) is just totally in-fucking-appropriate.

It's another one of those, I've been overruled so whatever...

Friday, March 23, 2007

15 British sailors seized by Iran

"An Iranian naval patrol seized 15 British marines and sailors who had boarded a vessel suspected of smuggling cars off the coast of Iraq, military officials said.

The British government immediately demanded the safe return of its troops and summoned Tehran's London ambassador to explain the incident.

Foreign Minister Margaret Beckett said she was "extremely disturbed" by the capture of the 15 personnel." FULL STORY

I hope and pray for the safe return of this Service Members and please, please, please let this resolve in a manner where the current Administration doesn't get the bright idea to invade Iran.

I really hope diplomatic process works.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Troll House Cookies

I have been spending most of my time on a mil spouse board that I have been a member for for two years now. I enjoy most of the ladies and gents on there and well have been feeling a little blog-lack-luster.

I serve as a mod but lately, I am really wondering what's the point? There are a few people who just seem to antagonize others on the board on purpose but the theme of the comments I get in return when I speak my mind is "shut up and colour." One member is particularly concerning for me. I think a troll is a foot. Not like a spy troll but a blogger troll, one who gives little information about themselves, but bashes and bashes Americans, gives up pro-jihadist websites as examples and basically their only purpose is to stir the pot. This is a support board, but how supportive are Anti-American sentiment? It makes me wonder why the member is there if the member hates Americans so much?

Anyways, so I am about to crawl back under my rock and let the furies fly. I have a bad feeling about it, my spidey sense is tingling that it will get much worse before it gets better...

But duck and cover does come to mind.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Wiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Ummm how fucking long as my blog been messed up? Thank you Blogger, really thanks. Now I must to and fix this crap.

Two pigs fightin' under a blanket

I was called last week for an interview on post, for a lower graded position than what I was but that would be okay. We have about 87 days left until we PCS, still no orders in hand of course. I am not sure what in the heck to do about that other than curse HRC for being total MORONS!

Anyways, I digress. I put on my suit today, my power suit and nearly fell down laughing. Because of the belly in front, the skirt made my arse totally stick out in the back. The whole thing reminded me of Steel Magnolias when Wheezer said "It looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket." This was in reference to an older woman dressed in a garish dress about two sizes too small. I had to run so I wasn't late for the interview and threw on a pair of black slacks and some extra high heels to make up for the fact that I needed to hem the pants.

As I arrived at the building I realized just how hot I was. It wasn't that warm out but I was sweating and feeling dizzy. Then I realized I left the frickin' pantyhose on underneath the pants. The interview went well, they were very friendly and seems like it would be a great place to work. Initially I only accepted the interview to not mess with my status since I wasn't sure if I was referred for something or if I was sent over as a special placement as a displaced spouse (PPP match). I ended up actually feeling irritated because I liked it and was interested in the job. I have a heart and told them straight forward that I would only be around 90-150 days from now. I couldn't screw a manager like that and get the job and then drop the news afterwards. The only thing I don't tell a hiring manager about is that I am pregnant and I won't be discriminated against so I don't talk about it.

Anyways if you have any desire send some prayers or karmic thoughts our way that HRC pulls their heads out of the arse and sends an RFO to my spouse soon. We are hoping to go to Hood or Eustis if you want to add that in too (just not the Hood unit that will go to Knox a year later).

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Red carpet blues

If you are pregnant and you live in a small town with four prisons what do you wear to a military ball? Apparently according to most department stores you aren't even supposed to go out, at all and definitely not in a formal dress. I waited to the week of the ball to get a dress. I figured I'd know how big I was and if I needed to go maternity or if I could go regular dresses just a size bigger.

I started at Kohl's based on my friend's recommendation. That was a bust as they had two measly racks of maternity wear and no formal wear. I then went to JCPenny's. This rinky dinky place didn't even have formal wear except for the hoochie crap teenagers wear to prom. My big ol' butt, boobs and Buddha belly weren't even going to look remotely attractive if I tried it. The Dillards was closed down and then I stopped at Macy's. Macy's doesn't even carry maternity wear one snotty saleswoman said. A second lady who I found out later had 4 brothers that served in the military over various periods of time pulled several empire waisted dresses for me a size larger than what I wore. I went into the dressing room and laughed a few of them, mainly because I would have given Charro a run for her money in the boobie department.

I finally picked a dress, simple, empire waist, black, not too shiny. Of course since its a size larger than what I normally wear, I had to alter the crap out of the top. I cut off 1 1/2 inches off off each side of the straps so that when I bent over the people across from me at the table wouldn't get the Playboy view.

Now I know Motherhood and a few other maternity stores had online shopping but um, I'd prefer to try dresses like this on and not just order four dresses, try them on at home and then return what ever ones didn't fit. But outside of maternity stores apparently pregnant women who aren't Catherine Zeta Jones (who can afford to have Vera Wang make her a dress) are not supposed to wear formal wear and should stay home.

I'm pregnant people, not an invalid.