Monday, March 19, 2007

Two pigs fightin' under a blanket

I was called last week for an interview on post, for a lower graded position than what I was but that would be okay. We have about 87 days left until we PCS, still no orders in hand of course. I am not sure what in the heck to do about that other than curse HRC for being total MORONS!

Anyways, I digress. I put on my suit today, my power suit and nearly fell down laughing. Because of the belly in front, the skirt made my arse totally stick out in the back. The whole thing reminded me of Steel Magnolias when Wheezer said "It looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket." This was in reference to an older woman dressed in a garish dress about two sizes too small. I had to run so I wasn't late for the interview and threw on a pair of black slacks and some extra high heels to make up for the fact that I needed to hem the pants.

As I arrived at the building I realized just how hot I was. It wasn't that warm out but I was sweating and feeling dizzy. Then I realized I left the frickin' pantyhose on underneath the pants. The interview went well, they were very friendly and seems like it would be a great place to work. Initially I only accepted the interview to not mess with my status since I wasn't sure if I was referred for something or if I was sent over as a special placement as a displaced spouse (PPP match). I ended up actually feeling irritated because I liked it and was interested in the job. I have a heart and told them straight forward that I would only be around 90-150 days from now. I couldn't screw a manager like that and get the job and then drop the news afterwards. The only thing I don't tell a hiring manager about is that I am pregnant and I won't be discriminated against so I don't talk about it.

Anyways if you have any desire send some prayers or karmic thoughts our way that HRC pulls their heads out of the arse and sends an RFO to my spouse soon. We are hoping to go to Hood or Eustis if you want to add that in too (just not the Hood unit that will go to Knox a year later).

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