Saturday, March 22, 2014

First Step, New Journey

Today we went to DC for an adoption seminar.  Yes, we decided to move on to adoption.  I found out that my endo more than likely caused by a crappy C-section is now in the walls of my uterus, right where an embryo needs to implant.  So even if we had went with a donor egg but his stuff, it probably would not have implanted.  If we had the money, I'd say let's use a surrogate and donor egg but we are not independently wealthy (However, we DO play the lottery).

The seminar was info as well as question and answer.  They also had an adoptive family come and tell us how it went for them.  Oz came with us of course.  He was actually quite excited at the idea of adoption and having a sibling.  We wondered how he might react, but he was very excited.  So much so that at the end of the seminar he asked the staff of the Agency we are working with, where his little brother was and why can't he take him home.

We ended up going with American Adoptions.  We liked their approach.  They aren't pushy or overbearing and spent time after the event to answer a billion questions from not only us but several other prospective parents.  We also liked that the family that spoke to us that day was a military family.  Sadly, some agencies shy away from military families because we move -a lot.  This made me feel better knowing that another military family was successful in adopting.  They were also helpful by telling us some of the ins and outs of things like Tricare, DEERS, etc that the Agency would not necessarily know.

It's costly, unfortunately.  And the paperwork for the home study is about as bad as getting a TS clearance.  But we are on our journey to expand our family and make Oz a big brother.