Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spiders are EVIL

Even if we still don't have orders, an RFO or even a clue as to our next duty station, I can still putter around and clean out what we haven't used in over a year or two. It happens every PCS which is great because we don't hold on to too much crap.

I am a clothes horse, meaning that I have way more than the hubby has and have probably kept a hold of more than I should have. So I started to go through the closets pulling out sizes I could only wear again with the help of a tape worm. If I had bought a second pair of the same shoes, I got rid of the ones in the worst shape and decided what clothes I could put in those vacuum bags and squish 'em ity bity so we could have closets again. This includes our letter jackets from high school and my old cheer leading uniform.

As I was pulling crap out of the closet that the hubby had killed two ginormous spiders from a couple of months ago, I went ahead and shook each outfit roughly to make sure there were no hitch hikers. Then I pulled out this royal blue, dress I got in Morocco. I remembered in Egypt I had stepped on the dress going up stairs and had pulled the stitches loose on the arm seam. Finding that I had already fixed it some time I looked down to see this great big gob of nasty spider webbing. One of those little crapper spiders left an egg sack on my dress. I nearly peed my pants, shuddering and saying "ewwww, ewwwie!" I ran down stairs with the dress and left it in the backyard on the table.

Freaking that there might be another spider sac or worse live spiders, I grabbed a pair of heavy socks, heavy soled shoes and put them on with my carpi pants. I looked like a total idiot in carpi pants and socks pulled up to my knees but I wasn't risking dealing with another nasty spider.

Just another reason why I can't wait to get orders and get the hell out of Toto-town!


Cole said...

FREAK!!! You know I had to say that! Glad you are ok and the nasty little spiders didn't attach you! Hugs!

MQ said...

I don't like spiders either!!!

Kbear said...

You are better than me, I would have actually peed my pants!