Tuesday, April 03, 2007

This is pathetic

It really is. So this afternoon the Hubby gets an email with the current assignments available and to pick your top 4 from that list only. Mind you there are only about 70 days until school is done and we are expected to PCS.

What's worse is that these fools didn't even have enough brains to give a response date. WTF? Come on if you aren't smart enough to say if we don't hear from you by three days from now we pick for you but they do put a remark on there that says it is not on a first come first serve basis.

The last seriously scary thought? They said an RFO won't be issued until the LAST WEEK OF APRIL! It will take another two weeks for regular orders to be cut. So we are looking at actually have orders in hand the second week of May and we PCS the second week of June. There goes actually trying to find a house that is any kind of custom.

I am seriously thinking about filing a congressional on this. I EXPECT him to be deployed without notice, but PCSing with 30 days notice makes it really hard to set up a house, its nuts.

Oh to loving the Army, some days I LOVE them so much I just want to PUKE.


MQ said...

Didn't you guys just move?

Jan Wesner said...

It will all work out. Trust me.
A year ago Mark and I had packed up our house, with about two months' notice. We had shipped our car and given notice to our German landlord. Then the Army says, "Oh, sorry, you don't have to report to your new duty station for another four months. Please stay put."

Angel said...

I'm jealous you got 30 days notice!!! When we PCS'd from Missouri to Hawaii we had orders on February 5 with a report date of February 15. I'm soooo jealous!!!