Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thank You she says

My musings of our Independence day comes a little later than the 4th but still with just as much thought.

My friend and I have been trying to work on a friendship that over the years has had its thrashings where we didn't speak for several years. Mostly our issues were stupid things we've done to each other and as time passes and we grow a little we each learn to see the other's point of view and the error in our choices.

While riding in the car, a soft quiet but heartfelt apology comes from my friend over our last stupid human trick. We both start spouting out how we could have handled things differently, better and without so much drama. We've both grown and learned and wished that maybe if we had done it this way or not said that, that things would have never gotten quite so "two bears fighting over a fish." I am glad that with time (heaven knows I needed a few years to even look objectively over the issue) we learned a better way to handle things and treat each other.

Some where before or after our realization that not all things must be so rough & tumble while being friends, we were talking about politics, the hubby's deployment and the future of our military life. What blew me away and was a pretty cool thing to say was her thanks she gave to my spouse. She thanked him for purposely putting himself in harms way, so that her spouse didn't have to. I probably don't give the moment the proper justice, but she recognized that through my spouse's job, hard work and sacrifice - her family can sleep at night protected by those who serve.

Suburbia and Suburbanites, are keenly aware of what it is that a military member does each and every day....and they are thankful for their freedom.


julie anna said...

It's nice to see a soldier get thanked for his job, especially from civilians. Someone anonymously paid for our dinner years ago and that brought tears to my eyes, just knowing that someone appreciated the sacrifice my husband makes.

Rose said...

Hey sweetie, long time no comment. If you aren't going to participate in the blogathon this year, would you mind stopping by my joint and checking out what's going on? There's a team of military wives who are going to be blogging for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund - I'm one of them - and I'd be eternally grateful if we could get a shout-out. I have buttons and everything. Stop on by!