Tuesday, January 02, 2007

One down one to go

Well I went off to see the hematologist (aka Dr Medical Oncologist). After a brief discussion making fun of the trials I had to endure with medical care in Germany (It sucked the patient/doc ratio was jacked up causing shitty care - it really was shitty care), we talked about my issues. According to him I am still normal but just outside of the normal range for the average woman. He talked about how my hemoglobin's were very pretty and that my platelets vacillate occasionally above normal but usually sit within the normal range.

The only thing he said I would want to keep a watch on is my red blood cell count. If it starts to rise and stay elevated for a long period (like a year) then its possible I have Polycythemia. I had already read about it in a google search and its not a big, big deal. Basically it would mean that I produce too much RBCs or Platelets and this can usually be resolved by taking a pint of blood. It can't be transferred on to the bean and it won't have any affect on my ability to carry a baby to term.

He pretty much think that there really isn't a problem, but that I have a good Doc who has my health in mind. He wants to see me again right before we PCS just to take a blood draw and see if my RBC's have remained stable. He would then put a little note in my med file to do periodic CBC counts to verify that my RBC's remain stable.

So as far I am concerned I am GOLDEN! Now just waiting for the 9th!


Tracy said...

sounds like great news. Something that is easily monitored and taken care of!

Hearing the heartbeat is an experience I cannot explain. You just have to hear it to know how it feels. and you will on the 9th! :o)

Jen said...

Congratulations. I knew you were going to be o.k. I agree with Tracy, hearing that little heartbeat is amazing. Have fun on the 9th, and send more baby mojo this way please. Thanks

Cole said...

I think you were bite by a German Vampire at some point while you were away. This is why I think you should move immediately back to CA! Of course, not near Santa Cruz, as I think they have vampires too!