Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dr. G because the rest of his name is unpronouncable

I had to have a weekend ultrasound and blow draw.  I got to see the oncall doc, whose last name is so frickin' long and crazy that people literally call him Dr G.  So I go to the lab at one hospital campus at 8 AM.  She draws my blood and I proceed to tell her that I love her and can she come to my Doc's office and teach them a thing or two.  She chuckled and thanked me for the compliment.  I finish by 8:15 AM and then had to wait at the other campus for the ultrasound which was at 9:45.  I arrived at 9:25 and the doors are locked tight.  I call the service, leave what I hope is a polite message.  The nurse apparently walks down the hall AFTER I called the service and tells me he's on the way.  So of course he calls me and I tell him that I was waiting at his office.  Remember that the meds make me a bit wenchy, so I was probably rude because his response was that he was treating a patient who was bleeding....which made me feel like an ass.  Properly put in my place, I told him I was glad I hadn't make a mistake and would wait patiently.

He arrives, checks everything out and then starts asking questions about prior surgeries.  Being the nosy girl I am, I asked him what scarring does he think he sees and could it be my endo.  He said it could be or scarring from my c-section.  Makes me worried though.  We skipped surgery to remove the endo because of time.  I just hope that it was a good idea.

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