Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wow, so not a phlembotomist

I love my RE, but his nurses tore up my arms drawing blood.  Nurse #1 comes in and tries the vein they used earlier in the week.  Its my best vein, since my are deep and roll.  Yeah, Nurse #1 blew the vein in the first go.  Nurse #1 calls in Nurse #2.  I inform her that my veins are deep and roll and if she could please try once and then go for my hand with a butterfly needle.  She tells me that she doesn't do hands but will figure it out.  I stick out both arms, squeeze the little stress balls to pop out my veins.  She finds "one" sticks in the needle and after a tiny bit of digging, I believe I growled.

Nurse #2 calls in the RE and tells him to take it from my hand.  They have no butterfly needles but he grabs a syringe and manages to do a decent job on my hand.  While working on me, he and the nurses keep asking me if I'm okay.  After about the 4th time I ask why the hell are they constantly asking that?  Did I look green or something?  Dr E proceeds to tell me that he's been punched and kicked before.  I promise him I wont do either.  He then makes me turn up my right hand and hold the cottonball.  He then proceeds to tell me he really doesn't want to be kicked as his most vuneralble bits are exposed.  Not quite connecting the dots, I glance down and realize he's strattling my legs leaving his bits in prime kicking range.  I snicker slightly and promise that I will NOT kick him.  He draws my blood without issue and later in the week he uses my hand a second time again without issue.  His nurses do not work enough on drawing blood.  My arm looks like I'm a drug addict.  *sigh*

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