Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Houston we are a go

Went back to the RE today.  We have 5 follicles at 12mm and 3 follicles that are 16-20mm.  So when asked if he was talking to his kid what would he say he agreed it was worth making a go of it.  So we are going to retrieve whatever we get on Friday.  He's estimating 3-5 and I'm willing my body to grab 6-8.  Not all follicles will hold an egg, but straight up I'm willing the body to give 6-8 eggs.

Got directions on injecting the HCG in my arse.  The husband was on task for it.  I went ahead and had the nurse use an ink pen and draw a circle for him to use as a target.  He did a good job tonight.  No pain and very little bleeding.

So now I get a day off from shots and then its go time!

Wish us luck.

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