Saturday, September 01, 2012

Retrieval Day

Yesterday was retrieval day. Got Oz dropped off at our friends house at 6am. Got to the clinic, they got my IV in really quick. They gave me all the directions before drugs so I'd actually remember them. After they gave me the first happy drug I sang a bunch of 60's songs (I am the walrus, coo-coo-ka-choo).

I came out of it saying that it hurt to breath. I spent about 2 hours in recovery. Just as they pulled the IV out and I bent over to pull up the choines I told DH I needed to sit down. Two seconds after that I said tell them I'm going to be sick. I dry heaved for a bit, got drugs for the nauseas and finally about 30 minutes later I got to go home.

At home my shoulders started hurting, so I took a loratab and went to bed. Woke up about 7 pm and my shoulders hurt so bad I thought I was going to die. Called the on call doc who proceeded to tell me it was normal. I even repeated taht my symptoms were all on the doc's "call me" list. And was told again it was normal. I ate a grilled cheese took more loratab and passed out for the night.

Got up around 5, and my shoulders felt better. Went back to bed. the RE called at 9 and let us know of the 4 eggs he retreived, 3 fertilized, 2 are normal and one was abnormal. So we will be implanting 2 embryos on Monday, a 3 day transfer. My RE asked how I felt and I explained that I had a ton of shoulder pain but it was better today. He proceeded to tell me (after going, "Oh really?") that it was referred pain. Apparently the retrieval process can cause internal bleeding a little and as the blood travels around in the adominal cavity it irritates the diaphram which makes the shoulders hurt.

So I'm taking it easy today. Really wanted to go to the Chesterfield county fair but I dont think I'll make that. And then on Monday we transfer our little amibas.

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