Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Only my son....

I thought it would be nice to get Oz a swing. So while shopping for some stuff to make an anniversary present for the hubby, I bought a travel swing.

Oz and I put it together when we got home and I put him in it. I had it on the LOWEST setting and he drifted off about 5 minutes in. About 45 minutes later he made a cry I had never heard before. I took him out of the swing, changed his diaper, tried to burp him and when he was still crying, I tried feeding him. The feeding seemed to go well and all went back to calm.

About an hour later I took him, the swing and myself upstairs to work on the bills. Again he fell asleep pretty quickly. He was silently sleeping, peacefully at that for about an hour or so. Then I heard that weird/new cry again. I turned around just in time to see vomit come out his nose and mouth! Of course he's panicked because he's vomiting via his nose and I pulled him out of the swing ASAP! I cleaned him up, gave him a couple of ounces of formula and placed him in his bouncer this time.

So WTH? He loves it when we rock him to sleep and he doesn't get sick in the car, so why does the swing make him upchuck? Poor guy I guess the glider when we rock him is much slower and doesnt make him want to hurl. Any ideas on how to slow the swing down more until he gains more weight to do it himself? Or do I just bite the bullet and take the swing back?


K and J said...

WOW. I don't even know what to say....... WOW. Poor guy.

Joe said...

If it is battery operated, it will slow down when the batteries get weaker.

Before my daughter found her blessed available-all-the-time thumb at 7 weeks, she was one cranky baby and the swinging bassinet was the only way she'd stay asleep for any length of time. I adored it those early weeks. But once she found her thumb - she slept through the night in her crib and I mean ignore the "feed-every-two-hours" rule sleeping through the night 8 hours. She just started to nurse more in the day and thrived.

Here's my idea: Let him fall asleep in it and then turn it off. He may just be scared upon waking in motion. He likes it to fall asleep and you can run it until he is in that deep sleep where you lift their little arm and it flops right back down - then turn it off. That throw up may have been a reaction to waking up frightened and panicked at everything moving. It could have been from the motion, too - in any case, turning it off after he is in a deep sleep should really help.

What do you think about my idea?

You go girl - don't ever let haters (like previous posts) get you down.

An Army Wife in Germany

Joe said...

fyi - I used my son's email account with google because I don't have one - I use yahoo. tbird9e at. I'm awig, not Joe - lol!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above. My son used to fall asleep in his all the time. Sleep experts also suggest that they get better sleep when you turn it off after they are sleeping.

Aaron said...

We hated the travel swings, mostly because they don't travel well. They also don't work as well as the fancy cradle swings. Trust me!

I don't know whether to encourage you to get one, because of the apparent motion sickness. Maybe you should "rent" one from the store for a while to try it. They can swing side-to-side, and slowly. So, it's entirely possible that Oz will be ok if you forget to turn it off.