Saturday, October 06, 2007


Leave it to a milspouse to be extremely creative. Okay yeah sure anyone could have thought of it, but it was a lady from the mil spouse board I go to who gave us the perfect solution - so Milspouses rock!

The advice was to put a fairly heavy blanket under the boys butt and let an inch or two hang onto the ground. It provides just enough friction to slow down the swing to a pleasant pace. Oz has swung to his heart's content on several occasions now without issue.

Aaron, I think I will pass on getting the expensive swing. He likes it but it wasn't nearly as "worthy" as a miracle blanket. I can't see spending $140+ for one of those pappasan ones that plug in when he likes it just okay. That and we threw away the box this morning for the other swing and I can't return it. D'oh!

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