Thursday, October 11, 2007

So much to blog so little time....

Rachel here's what we did for Oz and Bella.

My dog has always been pretty motherly. While in Germany she pestered the grandparents of a child of our friends every time he made a single noise, going back and forth from the baby carrier to the grandparent until they told her it was okay.

From about the 4 month mark we talked to the dog about the baby. "The baby's coming Bella, will you watch the baby for us?" We used the same word for Oz over and over - The Baby. That way she associates The Baby with Oz. Less confusing that the 5 millions names we call our little one (Like LBG - Little Bald Guy).

When he was born after about two days of wear, DH took the hat he wore and let the dog smell it. He said this is from the baby and talked about the baby while she smelled it. When we came home from the hospital, we had a supervised visit. She smelled the baby, licked him and tried to bowl me over in an effort to get pets. Guess she didn't know I had a c-section either. *giggle*

We make sure that every day the dog gets 10 minutes or so of attention from each of us that does not involve the baby. She is always invited up on the couch (we allow that in our house) while feeding the baby. I've also left Oz in the middle of my bed (he doesn't roll yet that will stop as soon as he can) and told her to watch the baby. She jumps up on the bed and sits right next to him until I come back - I was using the little girls room.

She does feel a little neglected because we can't always play right when she brings a toy to us. We try and bring that toy back out after Oz goes to bed, or take the family for a walk. Basically try and keep her involved and feeling like she's part of the family. Of course she loves on anyone that comes to the door, so I know she still feels little like she's no longer the main event.


cole3699 said...

We brought home a blanket or hat each night from the hospital for Pepper. We were there 3 weeks plus, so she had some time to get used to it. But we never did any supervised visits. We just let the big old mutt loose. Each family has to find the right combination of their own. It all works out. I started telling Pepper she could not step on my belly before I was preggers, saying Not on the baby! Pepper now guards her newest baby with a bunch of pride and way too many licks!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the tips! I'll pass them along. My friend is getting more and more anxious about how their dog will be. Her husband is deployed so that makes it even more difficult.

It sounds like Bella is very sweet with Oz! I'm sure our dog will do well if we can ever get this baby thing to work for us. I like the idea of preparing the dogs way in advance--very helpful.

Thanks again!

TripleE said...

Our dogs were house dogs when we had our first baby (they have since moved outside during the day, just too chaotic with that many). One thing we did was get the dogs use to being bothered while eating (we strongly discourage our kids from bothering animals when they eat, but you never know) and having their ears tugged, etc.. The are very tolerant doggies.
I agree with bringing the blanket home from the hospital with baby smells, and having the doggie snuggling next to you while you feed the baby. Our doggies are great "siblings".
My dogs love having a fetch partners that don't become bored with it.