Monday, October 08, 2007

Customer Service?

I made an error last week and didn't know I needed to be home for the Terminix guy to come and spray our home. So the day after I called to reschedule for today. The termite inspector came in plenty of time and checked out our home. But the spray guy didn't show.

I called them to find out the man was still out with an appendicitis. They mentioned this last week but assured me he was due back on time. I was irritated because they say I must be home in order for the initial spraying. So I advised her that they needed to come this week period. When she started to balk over it, I asked her what sane person schedules clients with a sick employee? That with my appendicitis I was out for 3 weeks, and only giving this guy a week was a bad idea. So finally someone else besides the poor sick guy is coming Saturday.

What really irks me is that they didn't even call me today to tell me no one was coming. Umm duh people I needed to know that. And I hope the man who has the appendicitis gets well soon, since his work seems to think he's superman.

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K and J said...

Isn't customer service wonderful in the US.................