Tuesday, October 09, 2007

He's that 10%

I have several sleep books for babies. I use a bit from each book since no baby completely falls under one book's ideas. If yours did then you are a lucky duck. The main book I use Health Sleep, Happy Child covers about 80% of Oz's behaviors.

I have had the joy of Oz going to bed around 2100 and sleeping until 0600-0700. This has been a great joy and team mommy has been a litle more sane and perky. Last week I noticed that Oz was wanting to feed and snooze earlier so his sleep time moved back to 2030 but he was still sleeping until 0600-0700. In order to try and allow him as much sleep as possible and the work day starting this weekend I moved Oz's sleep time to 2000 and he woke at 0530. He wanted a diaper change some gnosh and went back to sleep until 0830.

Last night, Oz was yawning, rubbing his eyes and had heavy lids around 1845. So following his sleepy lead I went through the night time ritual. We put on his night time diaper (we got some freebies from someone in the unit but they aren't thick enough for overnight), warmed his bottle, fed him, burritoed him, read him a story and rocked him. He was in bed and snoring away about 1940.

Now Dr Weissbluth swears that putting a baby to sleep earlier won't mean that he wakes earlier, he just needs more sleep. Ummm Oz likes to prove people wrong because he woke at 0500 this morning. Exactly an half hour earlier when he wanted to go to sleep an half hour earlier. Yes, he's done it two nights in a row.

Later in another chapter he does say that at his age he make wake for a late night feeding and then go back to sleep - which he does. I just find it funny that the doc swears that putting a child to sleep earlier doesn't mean they will wake earlier - but Oz does.

I love it that Oz likes to prove people wrong just on G.P.


Anonymous said...

I read that book too!! I agree - my son does the same thing. If we put him to bed any earlier than 7:30pm he wants to be up at 4:30am. Though I notice my nephew does NOT get up earlier when he goes to bed earlier (then again, he is almost 4). Very strange.

cole3699 said...

What is this sleep through the night you speak of??? lol Step away from the books girlie! lol

Hugs..i miss you!

Tracy said...

yeah, my kids are always in the minority too.

They wake up at the same time even if they go to bed 3 hours later than usual too! ARGH!

Oh, and when my kids were Oz's age they had no regular bedtime or wake time. They were very "willy nilly" with their sleeping habits.

Apparently, they are my "revenge" children~you know when your mom says "I hope you have a child just like you some day!!" I guess I was a crappy sleeper! LOL

And those charts that say "at this age your child needs x amount of sleep" My kids always slept a few hours less than what those charts said.

What's normal? ;o)