Thursday, September 21, 2006

Now do you believe me?

As I've said before this mystery lump in my groin is probably girlie related. Today I had my pelvic ultrasound and it was not very fun.

First, I feel so sorry for pregnant women - they have this kid or kids sitting on top of their bladder putting pressure on it and on top of that have to drink a ton of water so for a good ultra sound. I had to drink 36 ounces of fluids and be finished with that at least one hour before my appointment. This is a large amount of fluid in one sitting to hold until the tech tells me to go pee.

By the time I got to the appointment and the Tech got set up, I was dying. Not being able to pee and having someone drag a wand over my groin applying pressure made me want to pee even more. After about 10 minutes of her looking around and taking what ever her snapshots she needed to take I got to go. She laughed as I raced to the girls room, if it wasn't in public I probably wouldn't have even bothered to zip up my pants.

Upon returning to the room for the second half of the exam, I looked at the screen. I know the Tech can't tell me anything but it doesn't mean I can't take notes of my own. I took down the measurements of my uterus and looked at some of the pictures trying to see if I could detect a pattern of her shots she took.

The second half wasn't fun either. She took measurements of my ovaries and then the questions start. Things like when do you get pain, where is it, are you here for infertility problems, what else can you tell me that would help me decide what pictures to take type questions. I let her know that the pressure she's applying to my right ovary is starting to hurt. She lets me know she's almost done.

I get dressed and look again at the screen, my right ovary is twice as large as my left & technically my uterus is slightly enlarged (yes I googled around for info). The rest of the day my right side hurt, down my leg and up into my kidney. I have some kind of girlie issue - it could be a cyst on my ovary or it could be endometriosis (it could also be ovarian cancer but that's not likely since I have no other symptoms). The results of my US will not be available for a week so I didn't bother going back to see my PCM. I did email my old doc in Germany as asked him to please send my doc copies of my MRI and HSG if she still had them.

I know they do educated guesswork, but damn I never went to medical school and I told them back in December 2005 that there was an issue and here, here, here, here and here. I guess I just need to learn to cry on command, making a scene...That's what I get for having a high pain threshold.

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