Friday, September 15, 2006

I don't care how....

...I want it now! I'm feeling very Veruca Salt at the moment. I went back to the doctor today because my groin pain is getting worse. It started on Wednesday, was horrid on Thursday and mellowed back to a 4 (versus a 7 on Thur) on Friday. One thing I noticed? The pain coincided with ovulation this month.

I know all too well that House is just a TV show, but how they find the anwsers to their patients ills is actually a correct portrayal - they guess. Yes I said it they frickin' guess, mind you an educated one but still a guess. Since so many ills have similar symptoms that's the only real way to find an answer. I know it, I understand it but it doesn't mean I don't wish I had 5 doctors all clamoring around poking prodding, taking blood and working to "fix me."

I poke fun, no get bent at the military medical system quite often. To be honest they are slow to react on more occaissons than I can remember. The quick fix to the problem is usually send you home with a bottle of 'Ranger Candy' and drive on. If it's a real problem you will be back.

So that's what I got on Friday, a bottle of Ranger Candy and told to wait until the ultra sound appointment before she can go any farther in the logic trail...the guessing via deductive reasoning trail that is. It's a frustrating process, I keep telling her that this is ovulation or girlie reproductive parts related but I'm getting no where with that. She keeps going back to the concept that it's nothing more than a swollen lymph node and means that there's some kind of infection. Hmm we just treated that with no help in sight but the pain worsened dring ovulation, that's a pretty frickin' good indication that it's probably related to girlie stuff.

I can make educated guesses too, but no one's listening to me. I am just biding my time until I can get the referral to a OB/GYN doctor who has an ultra sound on site and doesn't make you wait three weeks for an appointment. So throw me on an episode of House or listen to me and Veruca as we sing..."I don't care how, I want it now!"

ETA: The original Charlie & the Chocolate factory was on Saturday night and I sang right along with Veruca. I love Johhny Depp but this movie kicks arse!!

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Army Wife said...

ask them for an ultarsound of your ovaries!!