Monday, December 19, 2005

Almost Normal

I spoke with my PCM’s nurse this morning and got a complete update of my test results. My PAP came back clear other than a run of the mill bacterial infection that can sometimes happen in women. I then asked about the spot on my cervix, it was found during examination and that the doc made sure that part of the spot was hit with the tool to collect a sample.

Even though the PAP was normal, my PCM does want OB/GYN to take a closer look at my spot. From the reading that I have done and the questions I asked it is possible for a false negative to occur and a second PAP isn’t a bad idea. You add a visible spot, 1 prior abnormal PAP test in 1995 (or 97) and a friable cervix, a lump in the groin area and well all of this can lead down the road to cervical cancer so having a specialty doc take a look is really what I would like and so does my PCM.

Per instructions, I will call OB/GYN tomorrow and request that I can make an appointment as my PCM is requesting it, period. The nurse pointed out that they didn’t refuse it so to try again. I let her know that I specifically asked if I needed to make an appointment with them at OB and the nurse at OB said no, I was perfectly fine. So If they refuse then I am supposed to call back to my PCM and I guess he will deal with it. Hopefully with the new consult request providing additional information this won’t be a problem.

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Cole said...

keep me posted darlin'. You know that you are in my thoughts always and that I've walked this road...