Saturday, December 17, 2005

Oh baby, baby

So since we are looking at the whole baby picture we started tossing baby names around. Now just because we are both from CA doesn't mean we are naming our kids Moonunit, dwezel or apple.

*Liam James
*Ian Mulholland (middle name is a family name)
*Eathan Michael
*Edward Grant

*Emily Rose
*Lorelai Catherine
*Grace Anne
*Fiona Caitlin

He's not crazy on Fiona and I have lost the fight to name a girl after my grandmother - Hazel, but mostly our names seem to run the Celtic route, the good of Irish decent little boogers we are.


LorelieLong said...

The exorcism of Emily Rose?

Doesn't pop culture suck? I used to want to name a baby girl Emily Elizabeth and now I can't because I realised that's the name of the girl on Clifford.

Cole said...

Witch Hazel is out? Damn it! I had that on a blanket all waiting and junk for you two! Back to the drawing boards. Hope all is well. Make sure you have 2 names...sometimes they come out and don't look like that big name you think they should look like!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are having a girl!!
Love all your girl names including Fiona and Hazel.

Anonymous said...

Love all your girls name, including Hazel and Fiona!