Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Power suit of his own

Today my DH went to his own interview for a second masters program here in Toto Town. (I support him on it but still hate this place - its a compromise) As he's telling me about how it went I noticed that he was fidgety. I asked if his undies were bugging him and was told that this pair probably needed to be thrown out. Being the good wife I asked him to change and I would take the pair and put them into the trash. "Oh nooo you can't do that!" he says to me. "Why the hell not?" I ask. Here's my answer:

"You have your power suit, the suit that makes you feel confident, strong and capable of taking over that interview and selling them on how good you are - these are my power suit. Something that I can wear underneath my uniform, something that makes me different. I wore this pair of red undies for every meeting, every trip outside the wire, even the flight home during my deployment last year. So you can't throw them out."

Attempting not to giggle, I suggested that we go to a store and buy him the same brand but a new pair of red undies to serve as his power suit. He seemed okay with that, I know he has several pairs of red ones but they must be all worn out from his deployment. He never used to be superstitious, but with the power underwear and the certain coins and other objects he carried with him always I guess he is now.

At least now I know what to send him for his next deployment - red underwear!

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cole said...

I love this story. I can see him all passionate...not I am blushing to know about his red undies!

As long as neither of you ever have blue tights as your power thing, I am cool. Hugs!