Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Edward Norton works where?

I left 1 1/2 hours before my interview. Traffic on the news showed jams, here, there and everywhere. Sadly, I arrived in 45 minutes and had to kill time sitting in my car which was parked next to a park with a homeless guy sleeping contently on a bench. The neighborhood is fine a park will always bring homeless as sleeping on the bench versus the ground has got to be a ton warmer.

Okay enough of the public service announcement for more shelters...Do you have any idea how hard it is to concentrate when you *heart* Edward Norton and the head interviewer of your panel looks almost dead on for him?

He really did, he had dark brown wavy hair, the gotee and the baby blues (just add a tie to this photo). Talk about frustrating, I spent a good part of my time biting my cheek to keep from grinning and giggling like a school girl. I even had to ask him to repeat the first of a four part question because I was making a mental voice comparison instead of actually listening to the question.

I think the interview went well besides me getting lost in the whole 'he looks like Edward Norton' bit. I asked some good industry specific questions and how they differ from the processes of the agency I just left. There was a small Freudian slip towards the positive when I stated that I was interested in the position and looked forward to hearing from them. Ed um I mean Mr. B started to speak towards 'when we select you' and then quickly hiccupped in the standard non-committal statement. It wasn't quite that obvious but you get my meaning.

So thinking good thoughts that I get selected.


Cole said...

You are such a lovely dork! I hope it all turns out for you. I do hope that Ed fell in love with you too! (In all the professional ways he should have!)

Christie said...

mmmm edward norton....