Monday, December 12, 2005

Plugging along

I’ve been quiet lately but I haven’t had much to say. As I thought my appraisal was a joke. It was as lack-luster as possible without having to document anything. See to give a lower rating she would have to have documentation of counseling statements that I am a screw up. She doesn’t have those since I am not a trouble maker just an agitator.

She did lie to me about a comment I made that was supposedly found offensive. Yes I made the comment but she claimed that two people were so offended that they complained to her. Of course being that my mother raised me right if I make a stupid remark and it hurt someone’s feelings, apologize! I did and the look on one of my officemate’s face was entertaining to say the least. After two separate but just as illuminating conversations with my officemates, neither one of them was upset nor complained about my smart remark. This goes back to the theory that all three of us have that she eavesdrops outside the offices. She’s lied before to one of my officemates about what I said and we figured that out when she asked me if I really felt that way (She claimed that I said I was forced to do some work when I was asked and happily obliged).

Anyways because I have such a short time left I am trying to fly under the radar. I just don’t feel like dealing with her or her stupid antics. Her face was very amusing when she attempted to bait me into arguing with her over the appraisal – I was nonchalant about it and asked pointed questions about improvement. There are no technical things to fix but according to her my people skills suck (little does she know, that only my attitude towards her is what really sucks).

On a lighter note, I was checked out for the whole “so you want to be a mommy” deal. I did get to start on prenatal vitamins but ended up with a consult for a specialty doc, because “something just ain’t right.” My GP was so vague in his description and when I pressed him with some general questions that could allow him to expand his answer he just got these giant doe eyes and tried to run away. I think he knows enough about girly parts to know that there might be a problem but not enough to feel confident to talk in great length.

Leaving me with a partial answer is not a good idea. You (doctor that is) need to use your deductive reasoning techniques out loud so I can hear what you are chucking out as possible ailments. When you give these utterly vague responses, I am left with my stupid innate curiosity – this leads to and 5 hours on the internet.

Unfortunately two of my symptoms are symptoms of cervical cancer. It could just mean that my cycle is off even though I’ve been tracking it for the last two months & I went to the doc at the wrong time. Lastly it could just mean that I have a sensitive cervix. Since the symptoms I have fall over several issues, I can’t get to excited yet. I had my small cow with my friend over the phone about all this and I am just waiting for the consult to be approved so they can see me.

I am glad that my GP had enough sense to know that he wasn’t experienced enough to be definitive in his diagnosis and sent me to a specialist. Not everybody can know everything and I am so happy he doesn’t suffer from a God complex. I had an ER doctor who did and tried to send me home so I could bleed to death. He thought it was a bright idea to mock the patient to her face and to the specialty clinic when all he could do was go down a checklist and I had enough symptoms to be declared normal bleeding for a tonsillectomy at my age. Of course Cpt Jackass as I called him to the ENT doc (I’m Irish don’t piss me off), didn’t do a good job looking in my mouth. He went solely off of his textbook checklist and missed the two large blood clots in the back of my throat.

Needless to say I am happy my GP is NOTHING like the halfwit ER doctor and knows when to send me off to someone who knows more than him.

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Cole said...

Girlie. Congrats on the starting to try preperations. I know the feeling about the doctors not knowing it all. We so need to chat one of these days...send an e-mail and tell me all! keep me posted and I owe you a very long e-mail soon.