Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bombs away...

I am trying to remain calm, but the Irish in me wants to take my size 8 boot and shove it squarely into the opinion of the Head of OB/GYN. In case you couldn’t figure it out, even after the secondary consult put in by my PCM, OB/GYN said that I do not need to be seen by them.

I called OB/GYN, let the Airman on the phone know that additional info was placed into CHCS and that my PCM was requesting that they take a look at me, specifically at the spot on my cervix. She asked if I could call back in about 20 minutes so she could talk to the doctor and have him look at my info. I called back spoke to the Airman again and was advised that because the lab results came back clean I did not need to be seen by OB/GYN. I warned the Airman that I was going to ask what sounded like a smart arsed question – “If one doctor is asking that a second doctor take a look as something, especially something like a lesion on my cervix, why in the hell won’t he see me?” She responded sheepishly that she didn’t know and that she told him specifically that my PCM wanted that lesion looked at. The Airman then finished up with an upbeat tone in her voice that she changed my consult to a deferred status so I could go and get a referral off post. I get the feeling that maybe the Airman didn’t have to or wasn’t supposed to do that last bit, but I thanked her profusely and asked the name of the disapproving doctor.

I then called my PCM, spoke to his nurse and gave her the lowdown. She was a bit slack-jawed from the sounds of it. I started to get teary. I always do that when I get angry. I don’t scream, I cry. Reeling myself in, I told her about what the Airman did and that I am filing a complaint. I have rights as a patient for a second opinion but apparently the head of OB/GYN won’t be the one to do it.

Well guess what Mister, you Sir are an Asshat. Yes I know and understand maintaining mission as well as being able to service the dependent population who are about to give birth, I have thought of that really I have. But, what if my PCM did not collect the smear well? What if I really do have an illness? Cancer? STD (albeit VERY unlikely – duh deployed husband here)? Does it need to be removed? Does it stay? Will it affect me being able to carry kiddos? It is quite obvious that my doctor who went to medical school would like a second opinion, so what, you are dismissing another professional?

I am really unimpressed and quite angry about this (hence calling the man an Asshat). It would be different if I was just asking on my own without any medical info backing me up, but another medical professional wants someone to take a look as well. How long out of his busy day would it really take to complete an examination and collect another PAP sample? Really? So yes, once I am fully calmed down and can stop calling him an Asshat, I will make a formal complaint. I am sure there will be some general placating and they will tell me that the end result was just that he couldn’t see me because the clinic was full. I hope that it’s not the case but I am sure that is what will end up happening.

I need to give it a day or two before calling for my off post appointment. I already have the name of a great OB that several other people I know have recommended to me. He can take a look, as well as probably tell me if genetic testing for my sister in law’s disease is possible and reasonable. I am happy that I will get seen by someone, but I am completely unhappy with the quality of care provided by OB.

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