Friday, September 29, 2006

Hi-ho, Hi-ho its off to see the gyno

There are cysts on my right ovary (uh-duh) and there may be some on the left. The radiologist couldn't get his left and right straight so my PCM has to call him and straighten out the three or four contradictions in his report.

They may or may not be debris filled; they may be hemorrhagic or follicular cysts; they may speak chinese and may do back flips for Scooby snacks. This radiologist was filled with too many frickin' "may be" for me since there are serious differences between them all and their course of treatment. Not to mention how the varying cyst types could effect fertility.

I am still taking this all in at the moment. I am a little scared and generally am really pissed that this took so long. Especially when I complained of groin pain almost a year ago. At least my current PCM is working with me, calling the Radiologist and is working to get my a gyno appointment ASAP.

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cole said...

At least someone is listening finally. I know this has been a struggle, but you are getting closer to an answer my dear one! Breath in and out. Be patient. Be yourself. Hugs!