Saturday, September 30, 2006


I missed a deliverable for one of my classes - it was due Thursday. I emailed hoping he will allow a late paper and will call tomorrow to verify if he will or not. I'm turning it in regardless in the hopes that he feels sorry for all the work I did and just accept it and take 5 points or something for being late. I've researched, outlined and now just to need to write it out real quick. Seven pages shouldn't take too long and the topic was interesting to me - Pay equality from the employee's perspective.

Somebody please screw my head on will ya? I can't miss crap like this with only these two and one more class to go before I graduate.


Cole said...

The mind is the first thing to go...I lost mine years ago!


maia said...

go and see an acupuncturist if you can, even if you had them removed you want to stop the body making more. Remove all mucus forming food and add mucus resolving food. so no ice cream, dairy, all cow products, though you could have goats cheese. and have more ginger, it is very good to help clear up mucus. in chinese medicine all cysts are mucus. or as we call it damp/phlegm

there is so much you can do to look after your own body through food, and it saves you horrid hospital experiences!