Sunday, October 01, 2006

Can't sleep....spiders will eat me

Like I didn't despise living in Toto-town already then the KC Star had to have this in the paper.

There is supposedly a brown recluse problem with some housing areas here on post. We had a ton of bugs here but not too many spiders. Of coures as soon as I say that, the article comes up and well I just had the hubby kill one in the living room, one in our bedroom and tonight I killed one coming out of our guest room closet.

Brown recluse are evil little things in the sense that their bite causes your flesh to die off. It really bugs me because the dog likes to sleep on the floor in the guest room, her blanket is on the floor there as well. According to the article you shouldn't do:

Don’t pile clothes on the floor. Spiders love clutter.

Don’t use bedskirts or comforters that touch the floor. They’re bridges to the bed.

Don’t store stuff under the bed. Spiders hang out in boxes.

If you leave your shoes on the floor, inspect them before putting them on.

Um...crap I do all of the above! And now I can't sleep thinking that I could get bitten in my sleep from some creepy crawler and have half my flesh fall off.

Blech, I just get goosebumps thinking about it. So after I am finished freaking out, I will attempt again to go to sleep and wake up to remove our bedskirts and the sweater boxes under the bed. I am also going to buy a bunch of those spider sticky traps to place in the basement, and under our major furniture in the guest room.

Ewww, I really loathe this place, I do.

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Cole said...

who the hell doesn't do these things. don't do anything normal and you will be fine!

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