Friday, January 20, 2006

Failure to respond

The last time I spoke to the Patient Rep, I was informed that the doctor should call me back in the next day or two (10 or 11 Jan). At the end of the week when I had still heard nothing, I called her and was forced to leave a message.

A week later she finally calls me back(today). She read part of the doctors email that said he was waiting on test results (the first time round yes but not the second after my doc insisted I still see him), that the results were insignificant therefore I didn’t need to be seen and I shouldn’t have been given the off post consult the Airman snuck in for me. I was also told by the Rep that this doctor hadn’t called me yet as he was working nights. She again said that I should not have been dealing with the front desk clerk and I got a little heated. I told her that the doc shouldn’t have let her either. He should have been speaking to me. I have questions that the clerk can’t answer. She’s not the medical professional here. I have a lesion on my cervix, but the results are insignificant – so what the hell do I do now? Begrudgingly she said he would call me today. It’s now 21:00 and I haven’t heard from him.

Yes I have my off post consult, but that’s not the point anymore. He was unprofessional by sending a front desk clerk to give me medical information and advice, he is irritated that I have the off post consult which is just another form of denying me a second opinion which as a patient under Tricare I am entitled to, he’s behaving unprofessional again by blowing me off as a patient requesting to speak to him with excuses of working nights and just ignoring the Patient Rep’s request for him to call me, and he actually told the Patient Rep that my PCM should be calling for the consult not me -which my PCM did do, he put in the consult and a second consult as well (yeah well go argue protocol with my PCM – I am doing what my PCM said to do, where the hell is your hypocratic oath because you are missing a few concepts here).

I want to speak to him directly. I want to know for a fact that he was given all of the information about me and then hear his medical justification for denying my consult. I want to know why he is not accommodating me in my request for a second opinion when I as a patient have the right to request one. I want to hear the follow-up care I should have received two weeks ago when I was told I was fine apparently even with a lesion on my cervix. I have had it up to the brim with this line of crap. I want to be treated with dignity and a little respect, not dodged like a leper. I deserve that much, damn it!

UPDATE: The more I thought about this tonight, the more I think I need the name of someone above both of them. It’s obvious that he is ignoring the requests of the Patient Rep and I bet she has a boss. If her boss can’t help me then I guess, I need to go to IG. If there is no response by Monday night, I am done talking with Patient Reps; I want to talk to someone with stars on their epaulets. I think I have been more than patient as this issue has been going on now for over a month without a resolution.


Lauren said...

I'm with you. I think speaking with someone above both of them would be a good idea. I hope you're able to do that and I wish you the best of luck!

Lauren said...

You're now added to my friend's list. Let me know if it doesn't work for whatever reason. :-)

Homefront Six said...

Go to the Hospital Commander. YOU are not military therefore YOU do not need to follow a chain of command. Screw the patient rep, screw the doc...go to the Hospital Commander. Find out his or her name, call their office, ask the receptionist for the mailing address. Put your concerns in WRITING, with as many details/names/dates/timeline of events as you can remember and include any documentation you have. Send it to them (certified mail) and cc both the post commander and the post paper. Get ugly.

There is NO reason this doctor should have denied you an off-post consult. It's no skin off his back and you're right - you are entitled to one under Tricare.

Good luck. Been there, done that. Not fun.

- hfs