Friday, January 20, 2006


Well I think this one is about as good as the stupid human trick I did yesterday. A friend asked me if I saw her comment on my blog. I couldn't figure it out, no one has said a thing in months. Then some thing about needing approval was said. I went looking and found out I clicked on the approve comments radio button. I am a Dunderhead! There were like 30 messages in there all waiting to be approved. I knew I shouldn't have let my hair dresser put those blonde streaks in last month!


CaliValleyGirl said...

Thank GOD! I just responded to your comment at my blog asking the same thing...I also wrote you an email about it a few weeks back and didn't hear back from you. Well, glad to see things are working again, so I can finally give my $0.02 again!

Cole said...

Oh you are in so much trouble now! We are all back posting comments again. Just figured you didn't like my sense of humor anymore! Hugs!

LorelieLong said...

Betya thought no one loves ya anymore, huh? Well just to prove how extra-special much I do -- I've tagged you for a meme. Heehee