Sunday, October 16, 2005

Holiday help for Soldiers Angels

I just wanted to put a reminder out there about Soldier's Angels. I contacted Willie a few months back asking how I can help Soldier's Angels here in Germany. I live only twenty minutes from Landstuhl and thought I could give time if nothing else. Unfortunately, I think I scared her away when I said I blog anonomously after she asked about my blog entry she found.

Either way folks if you can donate this is definately the time of year to do so. Here in Germany the weather is getting colder so donations of: Sweatshirts, gloves, hats, sweaters or warm clothing is in need.

BLACKFIVE also has a post on providing some holiday cheer as well. If I could find one of those crazy Ardvark Jackets from "Better off Dead", I'd probably run around wearing it to try and make a few soldiers laugh.

I know our own families require attention too but please if you can donate to Soldier's Angels or for Soldiers Angels here in Germany. Every little bit helps especially for those that are separated from their families during the upcoming holiday season.

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