Sunday, October 16, 2005

When is a kitchen not a kitchen?

When the damn thing isn't finished...I was the last person of the 5 houses to have the kitchen replaced. I had delivery people coming on Colmbus day and I asked if he could have them rip out the kitchen later in the day - they came Tuesday instead.

When I came home on Wednesday they were just laying the grout. What they did all day on Wednesday is beyond me but I will assume that they were messing about in the other kitchens and got behind schedule. With the grout the way it was they couldn't paint until Thursday morning. Their painting skills were shoddy - no I will just say it - not shoddy but shitty. Paint splatter was all over the wall tiles I spent 40 minutes cleaning the day before, all over the floor tiles the one guy just put in, and they even managed to splatter the brand new light fixture I put in with my neighbor's help. So with a wet rag & a razor blade I scraped the undesirable paint off of everywhere it didn't belong.

I came home Thursday afternoon to see that about 1/2 of the kitchen fixtures were in place. They don't work late here - they quit at 1530 on the nose. I made notice of some problems and missing items and asked my neighbor for a translation help. I then called the Landlord's daughter. She wasn't there, I talked to her husband who promptly shoved me over to the Landlord. Remember this guy's German is a bizaare mixture of the local dialect, a Caribbean German dialect and French so talking to him is like talking to someone who only speaks Chinese. The gist of what was said was that he would inspect the place before the workers left on Friday.

Friday I get home as soon as possible. There's a workman sitting on my front porch smoking. At least they don'd smoke in my house. He explains the missing fridge stuff, the cabinet that moves, and the drawer that comes later. He also explained that the dishwasher has no electricity. In comes the Landlord who then explains to me all the same thing again. Okay what ever, I get the workman but really don't get him. He tells me the Son in Law will be over later or Saturday morning to finish the wiring. I later find out that they didn't hook up the exhaust fan either. This means I still can't cook, unless they want me messing up the crap paint job with cooking grease, fumes, and moisture.

Friday evening and all day Saturday have come and gone with no appearance by the Son in Law. I bought new face plates for the kitchen to make them a light matte silver colour and asked my neighbor if I got all the right parts. Come to find out Son in Law has spent all day Friday & Saturday "playing" with a new toy of his - a new truck. It's a delivery truck. He decided that decking it out with all the shevles, hooks and all the bells & whistles was more important than finishing up the last damn kitchen.

So I call today on the Daughter's line, someone else answers. I am not dumb and even in German if you repeat everything outloud you are saying it so that the other people in the room can hear. The Daughter dodged the call and made the lady transfer me to the Landlord. I again asked when the SIL was coming as he never showed. According to him he will be here tonight. I really like the nice dodge there - she may be mad at daddy for having the hubby do the electrical but don't offer to assist talking to daddy if you don't meant it. Otherwise hey, no problem I will just call Housing and really piss everyone off.

Who wants to learn the dirty little swear words that I know in German? Lets see how many my Landlord knows too.

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