Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Darwin in the workplace

It's late and I have decided that with work being a bit of the survival of the fittest it is better to beg for forgiveness from the troll than to ask permission. I have been trying to take a course for almost two years now. Since the course is not part of my main duties I have pretty much been denied every single time. Basically I have a snowball's chance in hell to get the class.

In my wisdom I saw another class two weeks apart from my longshot and asked to sign up for it. The troll said to wait it out as others need to take classes and they are both in March. Well since I know (and so does the troll) that there is a 95% chance I WON'T get the class, it's her excuse to not have to send me to the other one. I decided to play dirty. She said not to sign up for both classes and earlier in the day I mentioned I would drop the first class to take the other but got no response. Well she didn't say no, so I took the initiative and dropped the first course and signed up for the second.

I followed her directions by not signing up for both courses at the same time, but will end up taking a course that I know I will actually get into. How stupid does she think I am anyways?

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