Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Soldiers Angel Volunteer

For those of you who don't know about soldiers Angels go and visit the main site. They are a program that lends a hand to injured soldiers coming back from down range as well as ensuring that "no soldier goes unloved."

Over the weekend I contacted Willie Aufmkolk who heads up the German section of soldiers Angels . I asked what I can do to help and how I could volunteer my time. Besides visiting soldiers at Landstuhl here's what they are in current need of:

For the November/Dezember/Januar/Februar backpacks we need warm clothes, sweaters and sweat pants and as a gift for the outpatient in the Kleber Barracks we need warm gloves.

We need at any time: long distance telephone cards - for US only and small blankets, too.

I know there are many things going on right now that need your help. If you can spread the love over the various charities in need that would be great! Either link above can tell you where you may send donations including how you can help military families affected by Katrina.

Thanks for your help!

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