Monday, October 17, 2005

I am such a heel

I am a heel, an ass & a dirty fighter. My officemate, the one that said if her performance appraisal was on the line for my work that she'd sell me down the river without hesitation - well I've been listening to her all morning give out the wrong information for a problem to resolve. She is violating a few people's rights with her bad information but since she is supposed to know more than I and be the 'lead' then I am keeping my mouth shut. I will let her hang herself on it. At the moment with officemates that live on planet "look at me look at me," and a troll for a boss; I will let just about anyone hang themselves except for two people who have done no wrong and don't deserve me going to the mattresses with them.

Part of me feels guilty about letting this slide as innocent people aren't getting the consideration they have rights to, but part of me says if you are going to be "large and in charge" and behave some what the ass about it then I guess you should know better and don't need my help.

I am extremely loyal to friends and my family. I am even loyal to a good boss. I will give you the shirt off my back, even to perfect strangers. I would run through the fires of hell when it comes to children. But, when it comes down to brass tacks and you've crossed me enough times then I am evil, just pure evil. I will not lend a hand, I will not intervene, I will watch you trip, fall, raise an eyebrow and a slight smile; then go back to what I was doing.

My Buddhist studies have made it hard for me to do this, to behave this way without pulling a truckload of guilt behind me, but the Caveman in me says that I must do what I must to survive. How many more months left until we PCS?


Girl on the Blog said...

You know... being the nice girl all the time... you have to have a little kick "assness" in you... I am the same way... I can only take so much UNTIL... I am with you on "let them hang themselves"...

Enjoyed your blog... Take Care!

Chris said...

Sounds like a stressful situation. Working in offices are always so 5th grade-like.

Not to sound sexist or anything, but in my office there are about 8 girls and two guys. The drama that surrounds this place is enough to make me crazy. I don't think guys deal with drama that well and the girls thrive off of it. And sometimes create it.

But oh well, I'm sure us guys do enough to drive the women insane as well.

Household6 said...

Thanks GOTB, I intend on watching her hang herself too. I just have a hard time waiting for it to happen, I become impatient.

MJ, you aren't sexist. In fact I get along better with guys, have always had more guy friends than girls and enjoyed working for men than women. You talk about drama and yes some of them need to get down off the cross as somebody needs the wood.

What drives me nuts about girls or women or my personal favourite - chicks, is that they hold a grudge. Like an earier post of mine, I could give birth to the new Messiah but my boss would still think I am horrid. She's holding on to me telling the division chief to piss off. She thinks this guy is better than chocolate so therefore I am dirt.

Guys on the other hand go outside, have a fist fight and then go back in and have a beer. I am ALL for this second approach and subsequently work better with men.

So no, you aren't sexist but apparently you are a LIBERAL - tee hee!


Chris said... I'm even a liberal in your blog. And I try to be so conservative while I'm in here.

At least once a day one of the women working in my office stops in and asks if I have heard anyone talking about them. It drives me crazy. I usually just send them on their way.

Guys don't gossip. Or if we do, we don't know that we are doing it. But like you, I prefer your second approach as well.