Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Not all colours are created equal

Sometimes you have just got to laugh at things that women notice before men will. Have you ever noticed that most men will say that something is purple but a woman would say it's periwinkle, lavender, grape, or royal purple?

I was finishing up my ToolGirl duties in the kitchen replacing the outlets and face plates with this brushed stainless steel look as it looks better than the cream ones that were on there. I also hung a paper towel holder under the cabinet and put up a hook on the wall for the pot holders. Short of hanging one last painted window frame I am pretty much done with any major work in this house.

Using the drill to put up the hook, I used too much torque and made a little hole in the wall. Like any other mistake I've made, I grab the spackel for plaster walls, fill in the hole and smooth it down with a trowel. About 30 minutes later I paint it and no one is the wiser. Well after spackeling the wall I go about changing the other things around waiting for it to dry. Here's where I have to laugh - everywhere and I mean everywhere in the house is white paint. It's the same white paint that I used to touch up nicks, holes and other messes that I, the hubby or a mover made. After stirring the paint, I take a small amount on the brush and go over the spackel spot. It doesn't look quite right but I figured it was night, the lighting, it's wet, etc. Nope, I am wrong its not the same white. The white in the rest of the house is a warm white, a winter white with just a hint of yellow in it. My kitchen is a cool white, snow white, or bright white. So now I have a 6x6 inch blob of warm white paint in my bright white kitchen.

I will be hitting the hardware store this weekend (after finishing my midterms) and using my trusty dictionary will attempt to find just good old "white" paint.


Chris said...

Have you changed your spelling since leaving America?

LorelieLong said...

Wanna come over and do some handywork for me? I need some pictures and a shelf hung. j/k! lol

Household6 said...

I have always spelt colour, flavour, favourite, theatre & centre the English versus the American way. I think I picked that up around 7th or 8th grade.

What I have picked up is the use of others words since I have UK sattillite. But since I am an auditory learner I have always kept the sound of words from all over the place.

I am weird but I like me.