Saturday, February 26, 2011

Puff piece makes me snicker

There's a ton of background I need to give but basically the short version is our neighbor D lost her husband in a helicopter crash in September. I try my hardest to help but I didn't know her well and she's very independent so I come across as the crazy stalker lady that pays the neighbor kid to shovel her driveway and keeps an eye on her on facebook.

Anyways, next to the D is the Family Readiness Support Assist (FRSA) for my husband's unit. She was a bitch when I met her, she tried to dime me out to the BN CO's wife when I was first got to the unit on the spouse/family side. Subsequently I was totally and completely ignored during the hubby's deployment with that unit. And I mean literally ignored as in got 3 calls the entire time none of which were from the BN COs wife or the FRSA and umm my spouse was the XO.

So coming back to D, I found out through a facebook posting that the FRSA had the balls from her yard to attempt to on the spot correct a visitor to D's home. He apparently was on the front porch/walk without his hat on. Yes technically that is out of uniform since he was outside but he was hugging the 4 kids that are left behind to deal with losing their dad. Then the FRSA's husband who was junior ranking to the visitor tried to get all up in the guy's business. Apparently it was fairly ugly from the FRSA's side and ended with D saying something to the effect that in the event that the FRSA's husband is killed she hopes that someone treats the FRSA's just like how she was treated that day.

So today I see a photo of the entire group of FRSAs and I couldn't help but snicker. They were touting how awesome they are and the first thought that came to mind was how that ASS of a FRSA treated a war widow a month after his death, a neighbor, fellow mother and military spouse. Awesome my left foot, more like a husband rank wearing, thinking I'm a top dog as a GS-6, sorry excuse for a compassionate human being.

D has more class in her pinkie toe than the FRSA has in her entire lifetime and borrowing from friends.

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