Saturday, April 04, 2009

My son could build this better than you....

Let me show you pictures and then explain....

Yeah they started this two Mondays ago. First we couldn't find the property marker so they were going to call the surveyer. I found the marker that night in the dark and marked it for them. Then we had all this crappy weather. The posts went in Tues, it rained Wed. They dropped off the rails and pickets Thursday and it rained all Friday. Saturday they did the neighbors fence first.

The next Mondy I came home to find all of what I showed you. I called and had everyone's ass. First the pickets are too far apart. Oz can fit his torso through up to his melon (thankfully its too big). I asked for 2 1/4" and got 3 3/4" instead. The salesman tried to blame me, until I showed them the email where I orginially asked for 2" but was told that 2 1/4" was standard. They are sanding off the post tops that look like crap because they use a frickin chainsaw. And they are fixing the posts where the rails have a large gap because the chainsaw weilding yahoo cut them too short. They are going to merry up the pickets at the corner posts to that the street doesn't see the 2X4s and all that where everything meets at the corner. Lastly they are fixing the picket spacing as well as using their heads and covering the seams at the posts with a frickin picket.

I was all ramped up for a fight too. I had my dad on standby on the phone to yell at them via speaker phone and I planned on contacting the local news station that does a "that's messed up" segment and I planned on reporting them to the BBB, as well as spread it through my FRG that these people take advantage of military members and deployed spouses. Luckily, he wasn't a total asshat and these things are being fixed.

Why the hell they aren't here today like he said he would be I don't effin' know but I won't call him the owner has a family and I have a fence, albeit a retarded, slappy happy POS one at the moment. They are very lucky they haven't charged my card either or I would have their heads on pikes in my front yard.


Roses said...

I think the neighbors would be more amused by the heads on pikes than the 2x4s in the corner anyway. :)

I hope they fix it all for you soon. And without further fuss.

liberal army wife said...

that is a terrible suck ass job of a fence. I personally would make them take it apart and do it again. NO need for such shoddy workmanship. None.