Saturday, April 04, 2009

3 Aprr 2009

After 7 pages of writing, a review by an attorney in a related but different field I turned in my rebuttal. I have never felt so sick to my stomach but its done. I also tried to be professional and set up at appointment time to meet with her to answer any of her questions regarding my written reply.

I think that meeting went well. I brought up my suspicion that the guy was trying to put something in his record that he could then turn around and sue the Army for discrimination. Her follow on question to that was well would you accept the document again, I said no but I wouldn't accept the original either. I firmly believe the employee altered multiple parts of the document before handing it to my co-worker - so the thing's not authentic in the first place. I asked for a short training course from the local military personnel folks on DD214s so we don't end up in a similar place again. Overall I think it went well.

I have a weird feeling that umm she was setting this up for good cop/bad cop or to be our knight in shining armor. Right now as long as I get off with the admonishment I asked for or anything other than a suspension I will take it and run.

Now I just get to wait for the written response.

I am doing MUCH better by the way. Getting some these things out of the way, having family and friend visits to look forward to and just trying to take a step back and just enjoy the joy of a 20 month old learning new things is helping. I knew my feelings weren't a chemical issue but just too much self imposed stress. I'm still looking at resigning after I pay off the last of my school and the crappy fence after they re-do it to my liking.

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