Sunday, March 29, 2009

Have you ever wondered (Handy Manny)..........?

Why doesn’t anyone pay Kelly for the stuff they take from her store? Manny just asks for it and Kelly just hands it out.And for that matter, why doesn’t ANYBODY pay for anything? I mean I’ve never seen Mrs. Portillo pay for the repairs Manny makes.

Why isn’t there a husband to Manny’s sister and a father to her child?In fact why aren’t there any partners at all for Abuelito, Kelly, Manny, Manny’s Sister or the Chinese or Indian families? There’s always just one parent with a kid??

Why don’t strangers freak out when tools talk to them?

How in the hell does Manny know how to fix everything from a stove, to a fire truck light bar to an elevator? I mean seriously do you WANT him fixing the elevator – something that can plummet to the earth from several stories up?

Where does Manny live, in the back of his shop?

Where does everyone pay the bills? I’ve never seen anything but the Mayor’s office.

Do the tools co-sleep in Manny’s bed?

Has anyone ever noticed just how much of an asshat Mr. Lopart is? He's always rude to Manny yet Manny fixes his screw ups all the frickin' time!

The Tools love eating but where the hell do they poop from?

Does anybody ever get laid in Sheetrock hills?

Does Kelly ever grab Manny behind the paint shelves and ask him if he wants to “hit this?”

Yes I've lost my mind with singleparenthood............


Kbear and Jman said...

It is best if you don't watch the shows with your children. Trust me on this. I am forever signing "who lives in a pineapple under the sea............" But that is a big issue that all they do is steal on that show. SERIOUSLY.

Erika Zoebelein Photography said...

I happened on your blog when I was searching on the internet to see if anyone knows if Kelly is married or not. I have wondered many of the same things as you have about the show but the one that my husband and I have been debating is Kelly's status - single, married, divorced? The chemistry b/n Manny and Kelly can get old after a while and we wonder why they just don't hook up? My 3 year old even noticed that Kelly seems like she really likes Manny a lot and I have to agree and then tell them that they are just really good friends. Maybe you can answer the question to our debate so we can stop the insanity about a cartoon!

Erika from B'ham, AL

Aaron said...

Does anybody ever get laid in Sheetrock hills?

They all get screwed, of course.

BTW: There was an episode when someone shop (Lopart?) flooded. I never saw money exchanged, but I'm pretty sure the concept was mentioned.

Household6 said...

LOL on the screw comment.

Aaron I just re-watched "Mr Lopart Moves In" and there's no mention of money. It was whether or not Mr. Lopart was "ready" to move back to his own place. Yeah we have it on DVR and I am avoiding work I need to do.

Erika I have no clue about Kelly other than I noticed that her brother is around but there are no parents around. Thanks for commenting though! Oh and congrats on your recent graduation.

Christie said...

I hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate Handy Manny.

He pays her sexual favors. You know they're totally doing it

Tiffany said...

This blog entry is hysterical. YOu said out loud what many moms of young children are thinking...hee hee. It made me laugh out loud. I found your blog from someone else's blog. Thanks! Have a great day!

heather said...

In the episode where the movie theater needs new light bulbs Manny tells one of the tools to take the box of light bulbs outside while he pays Kelly for them. They don't show it though. Maybe Manny "pays her" in other ways!

Household6 said...

Man we deleted the one with that episode Heather! BUT I did just see one where Kelly's brother minds the store and Manny asks how much his wall hanger will cost. Kelly's brother says 5K and then corrects himself to $5.00 after Manny nearly pees himself!

Momma Mary said...

I sooo know what you are talking about! Have you seen the "Kelly's Hardware Store" video that plays between shows? It's like a love song to Kelly from Mandy! Best line ever from the show is from Pat, the Hammer:
"I Love to nail things! I'm a hammer!"

Jeremie said...

This is hilarious! I stumbled upon this trying to figure-out where Sheetrock Hill actually is. Puerto Rico? Somewhere in California?
These are some questions my husband and I have:

Is Manny bald under that hat? He never takes it off. If he and Kelly DO get it on, does he take his hat, gloves and tool-belt off?

How do the tools' eyebrows stay put?

Do they have a quota as to how many times a wheelchair has to roll through the background at the end of a show?

Mr. Lopart is kind of a jerk, but I think he's just too proud to ask for help. Do you think maybe he's ornery because he's an aging gay man in a small town with nothing but a cat that is always trying to escape?

Raze Krieger said...

I LOL'd at your post. I found it through google when I looked up "does manny have a thing for kelly". It was the first result.

Kelli said...

A year later and perhaps I'm a new batch of Handy Manny parent. I was googling "does Handy Manny have parents?". He has the sister and grandpa and in the Motorcycle Adventure episode we meet aunts and uncles but still no parents.

I always wondered about the obligatory wheelchair person.

And I am sure there's something going on with Manny and Kelly, but having a dad in the electrical business, I also always assumed he just had an account at her shop. And he just billed his customers.

Rationalizing children's tv shows: is this really what being a parent is all about? ;)

Pug Mommy said...

LOL, came upon your blog when googling to find out if Manny lives in the store (or in possibly in the basement as my husband thinks.) Love this post and am glad to know other parents wonder the same things we do!! THanks for the laugh!

Ryan said...

I laughed so hard.... I thought I was the only on who thought crazy, obsessive thoughts about Handy Manny. I was thinking more along the lines of him being a socialist... lets all help each other and not pay for anything etc...

I also wonder why Rusty always says "She always has what we need" in reference to Kelly... but always is rolling his eyes and sounding sarcastic and upset... does HE know more to the story? I think we could go on and on about that show lol

Mike said...

I think the show potrays mr. Lopart as the stereotypical white guy in a non-white society. He thinks he know everything, thinks he's better, and has a cat that wears a sweater in the fall... Lol JS

Beth said...

I've been thinking some of the same things, although my biggest thing are the tools. Why are Manny's tools the only tools that talk? It bugs me so much. Is there some sort of magic involved?

We watched the one episode where Pat thinks the hammer on the cover of a catalog is a family member, and all I could think about was: "Wouldn't Manny know all about their families?"

I have more questions about Handy Manny than when I watched Inception.

The Artist Known As said...

Okay I can help.. first off under mannys hat is hsir.. episode 45 season 3 wedding day.

As to family. Manny has a huge family but the only mention of a father is in episode 34 and 35 the great garage rescue season 3. That's where you get to meet his older brother.

But they do not mention what happened to there father but yet his grandpa pa still lives.

I think as the ratio to single parents in the town is right.

Example... there is one family. Father runs the lawn mower shop in town and they have 2 kids.

As to the talking tools.. can't forget the automotive team... the electric strait ruler... and a few other talking tools from every epside.

As to Manny and Kelly relstionship, it's interesting gl I think that the are very good friends. Nothing more. Now where do they live? All you see is Kelly's shop and mannys shop... well in the episode called snowed in, Kelly needed help getting her car out of the driveway. You see Kelly's house. As for manny, the store has a second floor so he lives on the second floor. And the tools.. in each episode, you see the tools in the shop. They sleep there.

If I saw talking tools I'd be scared but in this show they are not.

About the payment system. I noticed that too.

The ton is on an honor system. Each shop has a tab for everyone so instead of using real cash aka pesos, they use the tab system. Eventually they will pay for the itemss.. even in mannys repair Shop or send the the bill to pay lster.

As ele tricity, idk... the town has has to have ele trick works somewhere.

I hope that helps

I'm we and I used to ba babysit so I got hooked onto the show now it's on netflix.. i bing watching it sllover.. and yeah I asked the samecquestions.

The Artist Known As said...

Also note the ending scene from the wedding episode.. Kelly blus he's after catching the flowers looking at manny and they both smile

The Artist Known As said...

As to again where manny sleeps.. episode 46 and 47.. firefighter manny. You get to see the inside of mannys second floor. That's where he lives.. notice the painting on the back wall when lobhesrt.. falls on the floor. That's mannys fsmily.

As to lobheart.. he's just a clumsy bacon who is self centered who's afraid to ask for help even from his best friends because he thinks he can tske care of it himself without any help from manny.

As I watch more episodes.. I'll post

Kali Keith said...

Okay I have a question. Lola says Manny my favorite brother! And manny says I'm your ONLY brother! But Manny has an older brother who owns the father's mechanic shop in Concrete Falls!!! WTF IS GOING ON IN THIS MOTHAFUCKAS FAMILY TREE?!?!?!

Kali Keith said...

Okay I have a question. Lola says Manny my favorite brother! And manny says I'm your ONLY brother! But Manny has an older brother who owns the father's mechanic shop in Concrete Falls!!! WTF IS GOING ON IN THIS MOTHAFUCKAS FAMILY TREE?!?!?!

Cathar Crusader King said...

My girls are 7 and 5 and have recently started re-watching Handy Manny. My thoughts on it are this:

1) Manny has a tab going at Kelly's. Having worked at a hardware store a lot of places do it that way. They just show up at the end of the month and pay what they owe.

2) The town does use money. Look at the episode where the tools mind the candy store.

3) Mr Lopart is ambiguously gay. Remember, Handy Manny started in 2006 and Disney did the "Taylor has 2 moms" thing just last year.

I see it as the writers putting some diversity into the show... but in such a way that if the religious nuts went "Oh mah Gawd! Mr Lopart is queer!" they could go "What?! He doesn't have a boyfriend. He lives with his cat and visits his mother regularly. You're crazy."

4) The first time we watched Handy Manny... after the show was over I turned to my wife and she said "Don't ask." Me: "But... where do the tools poop from?!" "I said don't ask. I don't know!"

Ashlee Eback said...

I believe that mannys house is upstairs. In one of the episodes they have to go upstairs to get Mr lopart from hanging off of his building. These are all questions I've been discussing with my SO because Ive seen every netflix episode A THOUSAND times. Ugh.

Ashlee Eback said...

I believe that mannys house is upstairs. In one of the episodes they have to go upstairs to get Mr lopart from hanging off of his building. These are all questions I've been discussing with my SO because Ive seen every netflix episode A THOUSAND times. Ugh.

Amanda said...

Mr. Lopart is asexual whom likes purple,his cat and his mother. He doesn't flirt when many other non married ppl in sheet rock hills characters all flirt even mrs portillio and aboulteto all though for them it is elderly version of flirting. I have hunch on couple of Kelly's brother's friends at this moment forget the Kelly's brother's name. I to am trying to understand how Manny can have older brother but be Lola's only brother. All know for sure is Rueban is much older then Lola. Manny only gets basic stations his tv has antennas which kind of makes sense as he is busy dude. My best understanding is a lot of business have tabs for one another. Mr. Lopart isn't jerk just wants to do things himself and sometimes Manny is sneaky and fixes things behind his back. Mr Lopart's way of repaying Manny's sneaky repairs once figures it out is free treats for the tools. I think Manny and mr. Lopart live in bedrooms in there shops. Kelly has a house. As far as eletric bills for all and cable bills for those whom have later the bills are either payed thru mail or ppl go to next town over to pay the bills. I know the later cause I live in similar relatively small town there are some shops not to far away but no bill paying places. Mr. Lopart isn't jerk just an idiot.

Mana Smith said...

Maybe Lola and manny have the same mom but different dad's and manny and his brother have the same dad but different mom's. It would explain why his parents are rarely if ever mentioned too complicated. Or!! His brother is a half sibling that they didn't always know about.

Amanda said...

Mana Smith you make sense. Though in sime episodes Manny calls her little sis yet un famiky renuion episode sje is shown as older sister #confused. Letd say family renuion isn't cannon as they call it a special episode yoir theory makes sense as Roland metioned dad.

Mrs Grimes said...

Season 1 episode 9, Manny hands kelly change mid-convo. Easy to miss.

Season 1 sometime before that, he runs out of her shop in a rush and forgets to pay. He runs back down and lays cash on the counter.

Sometime around then, he is fixing a crib for a family. There are a mom and dad, a little girl and a baby in the way.

I found this blog searching for “does Mr. Lopart ever end up accepting help from Manny?”